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10 Commandments of Quality Link Buildings [Infographics]

By sudharsan

May 25, 2011
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Link building, one of the tough part of search engine marketing to get higher rankings in Google SERP. Bloggers & webmaster do different techniques for link building, all  have their unique way of their own. But only a few knows how to do it in a proper way, over doing it or following black hat tricks for link building will affect your search rankings severely, so you have to do it in proper way or atleast do it in way that search spiders can’t find out your black hat techniques.

commandments of link building

This awesome infographics designed by klikki, a search marketing company, which guides you to build proper link and what are the things you should avoid while creating links.


5 Best Online Tools to Count & Analyze Your Backlinks

By sudharsan

October 19, 2010

Your Blog links in other sites is commonly referred as Backlinks, which is the key factor of your blog rankings in SERP and SEO of your blog. Blogger’s follow different ways to create backlinks for their blog, we’ve already discussed about best way to create backlinks or links suggested by Matt cutts, you can check the post to improvise your blog ranking.

Do you know how many backlinks your blog have ? There are tonz of online tools to check your backlinks but 90% of the tool won’t show real backlink count of your blog.

backlink checker tool

So I compiled here some of the trusted and best backlink checker tools to count how many links pointing to your blog.

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1. Webmaster Tool

If you ask me webmaster tool is the best tool to analyze and count your backlinks from other site. It always gives you true information about your blog and there is no chance of false information. If you want to analyze your backlinks, first check out  webmaster tool

links to your site webmaster2. Yahoo Site Explorer

Yahoo, one of the best search engine next to google and bing. Yahoo site explorer allow you to check your inboundlinks data effectively, this tool is used by many SEO experts to analyze their competitors.

yahoo site explorer logo

Check Backlinks in Yahoo Site explorer

3. Open Site Explorer

A great tool by and widely used backlink analyze tool by webmasters and SEO experts. If you become pro-member of their site you dont need any backlink analyze tool other than this. It figure out complete link data about your blog and their popularity.

compare google facebook links

Features of Open Site Explorer –

1. Compare multiple URL

2. Complete link data about your competitiors

3. Check your Blog Authority and popularity easily.

4. It give full data [pagerank, authority etc.,] of the page where your blog is linked.

Check Backlink in Open Site Explorer

4. Backlink watch

Another commonly used online tool to check your backlinks, it tells us which page your blog is linked to and whether the page is nofollow or dofollow etc., It is very essential for new bloggers 😀

backlinkwatch logo

Check Backlink in Backlink watch

5. Online Utility tool

I think the above mentioned 4 tools is more than enough to count and analyze your backlinks. This backlink checker tool from online is another cool way to get your links data.

Check Backlinks in online