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How Bloggers can Unlock Mobile Internet Dongles

By Spencer

July 11, 2011
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Many people have experienced the frustration of having their mobile phone “locked” to prevent usage with a different cell phone service provider. This problem has been well documented when it comes to mobile phones. A similar problem can occur, however, with mobile internet dongles. While a locked internet dongle may seem difficult to unlock, by exploring a few different options you can unlock a locked dongle relatively easily (and cheaply)!

unlock mobile internet dongles

unlock mobile internet dongles

An internet dongle is simply a device that must be connected to a computer in order to access the internet. Typically a dongle comes in the form of a USB that contains a SIM card (similar to a cell phone). Unfortunately, you may sometimes find that your internet dongle is not functioning properly. This may be because the internet dongle is “locked” in an attempt to force you to choose only one internet provider. In order to determine whether your dongle is locked you should install the free program DC-Unlocker on your computer. After installation remove the SIM card from your dongle, plug the dongle back into the computer, and open the program. Then select the appropriate dongle model from the list, and then run the program to determine whether your dongle is locked.

If your internet dongle is not locked it is likely you have some other issue with your device. If your dongle is locked, however, you can pursue a couple of options to unlock it:

vodafone dongle

1. Contact your internet provider

Contacting your internet provider may potentially be the easiest option. Many internet providers will provide you with an unlock code for free, or a small fee. When you put a new SIM card into your internet dongle you will be prompted to enter the code. After you enter the code your dongle should function properly.

2. Install generic software

If you are not prompted for a code, or your internet provider does not give you an unlock code; another free option is to install generic software. This procedure involves replacing the dashboard application you use to connect with new generic software. This software can be downloaded on the DC-Unlocker website. After you install this new software (and delete your old software) your dongle should work.

3. Pay for an unlocking service

If the other two options do not work and you are willing to pay to unlock your internet dongle, you can search online for an unlock code from an online store. You can search on websites such as eBay, which generally will email you the unlock code and instructions on how to properly use it.

There are other options as well, such as implementing a new firmware package for your dongle. These options are relatively technically intense and may take a significant time compared to a professional fix. Regardless of which option you choose to use, however, unlocking your internet dongle will help ensure that you are back online before you know it.

Guest post

Guest Article from Spencer Hogg at Broadband Expert where you can search and compare mobile internet dongles.

Tweet Level – How “Popular” You are in Twitter ?

By sudharsan

June 28, 2010

Twitter is one of the best social media next to Facebook. More than millions of users using twitter daily for their business and personal purpose. So it is hard to know, how popular you are in twitter among them.

know popularity in twitter

There are many fake website which give you a useless “Twitter value” about your profile.

Twitter_level is a Powerful and best tool to check your popularity in twitter. This tools gives your percentage of popularity and trust among your followers in twitter.

About Tweet_level

Tweet_level Approved by MTV for selecting the winners of  “Twitter jockey” contest.

Influence score –

This score will raise if your followers finds your article or product interesting and RT your tweets.

Popularity score –

This is calculated on the basic of no of follower you have in twitter

tweet level

Engagement score –

This is calculated on the basic of  how you are engaging among your followers.

Trust score –

Whether you are trust worthy among your follower.

Example: If you review any product or service, how many of your follower will ready to use or buy the product by your reviews.

plzz share your Popularity score here 😛

Death timer !!

By sudharsan

January 7, 2010

Know your death dateWant to know your death date or of your dear ones…!?

Deathtimer will show you how long will u survive in this materialistic world.

All u need is to visit the website & answer some simple questions…

Give a new look GOOGLE home page

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
<i>Give new look to your homepage</i>

Give new look to your homepage

Now its time to give new look to your google homepage

Getting bored of seeing the traditional google home page & looking for customizing it..

In A6 you can give any themes for your google home page & make it beautiful than before

1–> visit the website

2–> click a new themes from categories

3–> click the themes that you want to make as a google home page..

That’s it…!!

Preview of website A6 :-

<i>new look to google home page</i>

new look to google home page

Njoy surfing the net with new customized google homepage…..

Make your URL long

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
<i>make your url long</i>

make your url long

You might have been heared about url shortner services see 20+ url shortner services, like the same way you can also make your URL long

Use any of these website :–

1–> Yep

2–> freakinghugeurl

Steps :-

1–> Visit the website & type the URL, which you to make it long

& make your URL looooooong……….

Example :-

long Url of –>


send email from others email ID

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
<i>send email from others id</i>

send email from others id

Now you can send e-mail from other email id wihout theire knowledge legally there is no hacking involved in this, so dont worry..

deadfake is a cool website which allows you to send fake email from other email id

See the picture for more info :-

send email from other email id

send email from other email id

Njoy e-mailing from others e-mail id !!

BSNL Wi-Fi Modem security tutor

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
<i>bsnl wi-fi modem security</i>

bsnl wi-fi modem security

As we know that BSNL is N0.1 company in internet network, providing wide range of service all over india

As a result of this many Hackers wish to hack BSNL modems(wi-fi modems) & trying to misuse it by sending fake mails & other activities…

Do u know:-

Diaster on 26/11 in india which mainly involves hacking of WI-FI network of other id…

To prevent BSNL wi-fi Broadband modem’s like..

* Huawei MT 841
* Huawei WA 1003A
* UTSTAR WA 3002G4

To secure your modems download this tutor given below :-

BSNL modem security

Use browser as a calculator

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
use browser as calculator

use browser as calculator

Now you can use your browser as a calculator

just a simple code will do the browser trick for u, you would have seen my previous post surf internet without any browser this is also a similar post like that…

copy & paste the following code in address bar of your browser

javascript: alert(5+5-2);

and hit enter, you will get a pop up message box displaying 8.

Note :- You can also change the value & operators as you wish..

Now your browser has become a calculator for u !!

Tricks to make 10minutes e-mail id

By sudharsan

December 17, 2009
make 10minutes email id

make 10minutes email id

While you surf the web some website may ask you to register in that website to view the content of their website, when you register with your e-mail id you may have a chance to get spam mail daily from theire website….

How to solve this problem….??

10minute mail is an excellent & powerfull solution for this problem..

As the name tells, you can create your own email id which live for only 10 minutes & then
it will expires…( no need yo SIGN UP)

1–> visit the website..
2–> make one click to get ur email id..

you done it …

now you can use this email id for just 10 minutes & it will expires

Uses :-

1–> used for compulsory registration website

2–> get rid of spam mails

Disadvantage :-

1–> cannot able to send e-mail from this email id

2–> you can able to read the e-mail which wrrives to this id for just 10minutes