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How Airlines Companies Managing their Social Media Presence

By sudharsan

June 11, 2011

Starting from a normal person to big corporate companies, all started to use social media, some use it for connecting with their close buddies and some companies use it for survey & to engage with their customers. To say in one words, social media has brought the whole world under one roof.

airlines using social media

Do you know how airlines companies are using social media sites and how they are engaging their customers in social media ? Here I shared a video and an infographics created by simpliflying, leaders in airlines customer engagement, which tells about some cool stats about social media activity of popular airlines company.


how airlines using social media infographics

How Airlines using Twitter

how airlines using twitter

Thanks – Mediabistro

HTTP Status Code & its Impact on SEO [Infographics]

By sudharsan

June 1, 2011

HTTP status code is nothing but a response status between browser and a server, you normally aware of only few status codes that usually your browser shows in your daily internet life, but there are dozens of status codes handled by your browser. Whether it will affect a site SEO performance ? the answer is, yes.

google 404 not found error logo

For example: If an user or a bot visit your page which lands on 404 not found or 500 internal server error, it may surely affect your blog performance in search results, you have to solve those issue asap, otherwise your ranking may come down in SERP gradually. To handle these issues, you need to know some basic knowledge about the status code and how a bot and visitors will react while getting those errors in your site.

SEOmoz, popular seo software company, has published an infographics that tells how a search bots sees these status codes and how some of those can impact seo of your blog.

seo guide to http status codes

Current Valuation & Revenue of Popular Social Media Sites

By sudharsan

May 30, 2011

As we are in social media revolution, at least we have one account from any popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc., to communicate with our friends and relatives. Do you know how much revenue they are making from those products per year and how much the company is valued at present year 2011.

Below Infographics is create by G+, a community place for active professionals, had made this nice infographics that visualize the current valuation and revenue generated by the companies per year.

social media valuations infographic

10 Commandments of Quality Link Buildings [Infographics]

By sudharsan

May 25, 2011

Link building, one of the tough part of search engine marketing to get higher rankings in Google SERP. Bloggers & webmaster do different techniques for link building, all  have their unique way of their own. But only a few knows how to do it in a proper way, over doing it or following black hat tricks for link building will affect your search rankings severely, so you have to do it in proper way or atleast do it in way that search spiders can’t find out your black hat techniques.

commandments of link building

This awesome infographics designed by klikki, a search marketing company, which guides you to build proper link and what are the things you should avoid while creating links.


35 Infographics about OSAMA Timeline, Unfolded Geronimo Raid & his Social Waves

By sudharsan

May 5, 2011

Finally, Osama Saga has come to an end on last Sunday by American seals (Soldiers) in front of his family in Pakistan. Social media plays a big part in unfolding the news to public, some twitter users in Abbottabad unknowingly LIVE tweeted about the Osama raid in twitter, so his death news started to leak in twitter before confirmed by US officials.

Osama hide & seek king

His death triggered a huge social wave on all social medias, people started to share news, photos, videos about his death and some spammers capitalize the situation by spreading fake Osama death photos & spam fb applications. Within some hours, #osama becomes the trending topics on twitter. A poll conducted by mashable says 50% of people heard his death news from social sites than from televisions and other channels. :)

mashable poll

Virtual Video [ How Geronimo Raid was Done ]

1. Osama Bin Laden Birth to Death [Timeline]

osama bin laden timeline till death

via (Infographics archive)


via (vahomeloans)

2. Osama Bin Laden Profile

osama profile infographics

3. Breaking Down Bin Laden

osama breakdown infographics

4. Osama Impact on Social Media

osama social media impact

via (Mashable)

5. 30 Infographics about OSAMA & Geronimo Operations

osama geronimo raid

A great resource to know how American soldiers planned and executed the operations and some interesting information about “OSAMA compound” where he shot dead.

> Check out from here.

6. How Social Media React to Breaking news


via (ellynet)

7. Yahoo Searches for Bin Laden Spiked 98,550% on Sunday

Yahoo-Graphvia (Mashable)

8. Twitter User Live Tweets about Bin Laden Raid

9. Major Internet Traffic Spike

major internet spikevia (Mashable)

10. What the World is saying about his Death

via (Mashable)

Google Prediction of future till the year 2101 [Infographics]

By sudharsan

April 23, 2011

Prediction of future is very  popular all over the world, whether people are enjoying their present life or not they are eager to know about the future. Mayan calender & Nostradamus prediction are very popular and lots of people believing that, the world will end in 2012 and the recent japan earthquake is the beginning of End.

But do you know what Google says about the future, an infographics created by shows us what will happen for the next 90 years till 2101.

google prediction of future_infographics
< click image to enlarge >

How Demand Media (Content farm) & its Profitable Business model works

By sudharsan

April 20, 2011

Demand media, a content mill site which is behind popular sites like eHow and Answerbag, producing about 20k articles/day from 13k freelancers all over the world. Though demand media business model is against Google recent panda algorithm, still they are the leader of the industry producing content  solely based on how much it will earn from advertising for LTV (life time value).

demand media logo png

Here is an infographics which clearly explains you how demand media produce earning potential content which makes them a billion dollar company ($1.57 billion) in Internet industry.

Demand media infographics

< click image to enlarge >

via (Online MBA)

Create Infographics from your foursquare, twitter & facebook Data’s

By sudharsan

April 15, 2011

Infographics has become one of the best marketing tool of future, people love to read those Infogrphics rather than reading lengthy blog posts and also its easy to remember the stats through visualization. If you want to create an Infographics of your own you must be skillful in Photoshop and other chart tools.

Must check – 6 Infographics Visualizing the Impact by Japan Earthquake & tsunami.

infographics inspiration logo

Whether its possible to own an Infogrphics without knowing any of these skills ? the answer is yes. Here is the 3 tools that can create a beautiful chart based on the social stats of your twitter, facebook and foursquare profiles.

Do read –  5 Best & popular Image editing tools for bloggers.

1. — This is a small little tool that create beautiful infographics from your foursquare data’s such as how many check in’s, friends, followers and badges you have in your profile.

lauren_foursquare infographics

< Image credit >

2. The print effect — This awesome chart contains data’s about your twitter profiles such as, no of A4 pages need to print all of your tweets, liters of ink needed to print, its cost & time consumption etc.,

create infographics abt twitter stream

3. My_Infographic – There is no external tool for Facebook but this handy apps will do it for you, it creates an personalized Infographic showing your Top 3 closest friends, relationship % of your friends, most popular pictures etc.,

facebook - my infographics