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Top 10 Weekly Twitter trends & Google Searches in INDIA [Chart]

By sudharsan

June 4, 2011
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Due to some problems, I can’t come up with a trend chart for the past two weeks, now I’m back. In this week, people discussing more about Baba Ramdev, a Hindu Guru, hunger strike and Google searches are related to SSLC and HS results in their respected areas.

Hot Twitter Trends in India this Week

weekly twitter trend chart #2

Top Google Searches in India this Week

weekly google search chart #2

Top 10 Weekly twitter Trends & Google Searches in INDIA

By sudharsan

May 1, 2011

If you are following my articles regularly, you may aware of my post discussing about hot twitter trends in India for each weeks. It has got a huge support from the readers which inspired me to add another thing to it, Top 10 Google searches for past weeks – a similar twitter trend article which give you detail information about the hot topics searched by Indian users in past weeks.

google & twitter in INDIA

Top 10 Twitter Trends

#Kanimozhi — Tamil Nadu chief minister M. Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi and four others have been nailed by the CBI in the 2G scam. Kanimozhi has been charged with section 7 and 11 of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

#SureshKalmadi — An Indian politician belongs to Indian national congress and senior sports administrator who involved in CWG (common wealth games) scam has arrested by CBI officers & he is suspended from Pune congress party.

#sathya sai baba — Indian Spiritual guru who has established a worlwide empire of  50 million followers has died at puttaparthi in Andhra pradesh. His death triggered fight for his £5.5 billion empire.

#ipl4 –(Indian premier league – season 4) is still trending on twitter for the past 3 weeks.

#William & Kate — Tweets about the Royal weeding.

#tweetmovies — People are sharing movie titles with “Tweet” replacing one of the words.

#tragicmoviedeaths — Tweeters are tweeting about the tragic movie deaths they have seen in their favorite movies.

#ithurtswhen — People tweeting about the situation or news that hurts them a lot when they came to know it.

#becauseoffacebook — Random Facebook experience of people, which may be a bad or good one.

#sachin — Indian tweeters wishing Sachin Tendulkar for his 38 b’day but he avoids b’day celebration this year because of Sathya Sai Baba bad health condition. Sadly, Sai Baba died on Sachin b’day which makes the “cricket god” more sad.

Top 10 Google Searches

I shared about the hot topics or search terms which most of the Indian netziens searched in past week, this information is purely based on Google India.

Prithviraj marriage — Indian leading actor from Kerala has got married to Supriya Menon, a BBC journalist. Click here – Marriage photos.

Golden lovita — Just like drugs to increase sexual desire in men, female sexual stimulant exacerbation drops GOLDEN Lovita women by increasing blood flow to the female Join Date damla’da / women’s sexual function improves.

DD vs RCB — IPL match between Delhi daredevils & Royal challengers banglore.

Anu results — Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU) Examination Results 2011 had released.

Duncan fletcher — BCCI (Indian cricket council) appointed Dunnan fletcher, former Zimbabwean cricketer as new Indian cricket team  coach for the next 2 years.

SSLC results 2011 — Kerala SSLC results has been published.

Akbaruddin owaisi — Who was stabbed and shot at by a rowdy-sheeter in Hyderabad on Saturday, is said to be stable after a second surgery.

Sathya sai baba death –India spiritual Guru, who call himself as “God-men” died at at puttaparthi in Andhra pradesh.

Nenu naa rakshasi review — A Telugu film hits the screen: Starring Rana, Ileana and directed by Puri Jagannath.

Prince William marriage live — People searching about the sites to see live coverage of Royal weeding online.

Top 10 Weekly twitter Trends in INDIA – #7

By sudharsan

April 24, 2011

Check out the hottest trends discussed in twitter among Indian tweeters for past week.

twitter trend chart

#Amar Singh – Amar Singh, an Indian politician and one of the founding leaders of Samajwadi Party, known for his chaste Hindi and political connections.

#lol – People write things that are funny, and tag it with “lol” which means laughing out loud.

#youdeservetobesingle — People are voicing opinions on why others deserve to be single, likely in an effort to avoid any realization of why they are too.

#twittercrush — India tweeters tweeting about who they have a crush on on Twitter

#vegetariansaresexy — A way to promote or create awareness about vegetarian foods.

Dpacino o o.. is this hashtag #VegetariansAreSexy meant to promote Gujus & Jains?? then, I guess #VegetariansAreHorny wud b more appropriate. 😛

#goodfriday — India tweeples celebrating good Friday on twitter by sending wishes to their friends.

#earthday — April 22: A day dedicated to appreciating Earth and its environment.

#iamsotiredof — People tweeting about the things which make them so tired.

goldmanmichael  #iamsotiredof RACISM Yes we have different skin colors & sizes but we all bleed red right? We are all human.. We are all different yet same

#Dum Maro Dum — is a 2011 Hindi crime thriller film directed by Rohan Sippy, starring Abhishek Bachchan. A long awaited film has been released on April 22.

Watch the Official Trailer

#ipl4 — (India Premier league -4) Professional T20 cricket tournament in India.

Top 10 Weekly twitter trends in INDIA – #6

By sudharsan

April 17, 2011

Its nice to see people talking about different things on web rather discussing the same topics repeated times, I think people are back to normal from cricket fever.

Do read – 5 Twitter privacy settings you should know for better privacy & secure.

indian twitter trends

#futurenews — News and prediction about the future, I don’t know the reason why this topic trending on twitter but the tweets from India twitters seems to be funny and interesting.

Eg:- The world will not end in 2012, Rajnikanth has bought a computer with a 3 year warranty #futurenews

To get more future news follow @The_FutureNews or search #futurenews on twitter.

#itssadwhen — Eg:- #itssadwhen you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

#ShaneWatson — Australian cricket player thrashed Bangladesh by hitting 185* from just 96 balls and also bags a world record of 15 sixes in a single match by any player in the cricket history.

#themostannoyingtweeters — People tweeting about the most annoying tweeters on twitter like people who spam twitter profiles with repeated tweets, sending DM to all etc.,

#agoodboyfriend — People are tweeting about the qualities that make a good boyfriend and the things a good boyfriend does, search with this hashtags to know more tips tom impress your G.F.

#tnelections [ Tamilnadu State government Election 2011 ] — Polling ends peacefully with 80% record, which is highest in recent 25 years Tamilnadu elections. A big salute to “Election commission of TN” who really work hard to make the things happen.

#ipl4 [Indian Premier league – season 4] — Professional T20 cricket competition in India.

#onmymind — It’s the name of @TheCodySimpson’s new single. Fans just found out it’s being released this weekend.

#weneedacurefor — People are tweeting things that we need a cure for…

#facup – The Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the FA Cup, is a knockout cup competition in English football, run by and named after The Football Association.

Top 10 Weekly twitter Trends in INDIA – #5

By sudharsan

April 10, 2011

Weekly, we are discussing here about hottest twitter trends of the past week among twitter users in India, Anna Hazare – a Gandhian & social activist, fasting-unto-death against corruption in India has become one of the most discussed topic on twitter. People really supported him very well by tweeting, sharing on social media sites etc., which gathers a huge support all over from India that forced government to accept his demands.

twitter trend chart

#lokpal — is a about lokpal bill which is to formulate a autonomous body to monitor corruption in India. Naming the existing Lokpal Bill as toothless, Swami Agnivesh along with Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta of Karnataka and Prashant Bhushan, supreme court lawyer, have drafted another Lokpal Bill, with the aim of making a single autonomous apex body the supreme civil authority of India, to whom the PM of India will also be answerable.

#annahazare – Anna Hazare is one of India’s well-acclaimed social activists and former soldier in the Indian army. He went on “fast-unto-death” on April 5 demanding that the government should introduce a bill to tackle corruption immediately, after 4 days of strike the government agreed to most of his demands, so he ended his strike on April 9.

#corruption – It is one of the major concern for India’s growth, recent 2G spectrum scam – one of Biggest corruption in Indian history so far.

#LiesPeopleTell — Indian tweeters are sharing past experiences to followers about the lies that people have attempted to tell them

#ipl4 — Indian Premier league – Season 4, Professional league for Twenty20 cricket competition in India has started with a grand opening ceremony at chepauk stadium in Chennai.

#CSK — Chennai Super Kings (CSK) take on the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the first match of IPL 2011, CSK won the first match of IPL season 4.

#JantarMantar — It is a place in Delhi, where Anna Hazare (also trending) has begun his fast unto death. People are congregating at the place to pledge their support in the fight against corruption.

#RCB — IPL match: AB de Villiers’ unbeaten 54 runs made RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) to register their first victory against KTK.

Some of the topics discussed here are trending for most of the days so don’t search for other 3 topics. 😛

Top 10 Weekly twitter Trends in INDIA – #4

By sudharsan

April 3, 2011

This week twitter trend is the clear proof of how cricket unite Indian people, most of the topics trended on twitter this week is all related to cricket and world cups. They didn’t speak about any topic more than cricket and at the end INDIAN team won the world cup final satisfied 1.21 billion hearts. #jaiho

india twitter trends

#poonampandey – Kingfisher model & Actress, who gained a cheap publicity by announcing that, she will bare to all audience in stadium if India wins the world cup final against srilanka, whether she will going to do that shit or not she gained a massive popularity
all over the world, she became one of the top trending topics of twitter worldwide. :(

#indvssl – After 28 years, finally INDIA regains the world cup after a historical win against Srilanka at Mumbai. People really gone mad on streets when Dhoni hit that winning shot (sixer) to finish the game.

#Congratulations_INDIA – Twitter flooded with wishes for victorious Indian team.

#Dhoni – One of the best and successful captain in all forms of cricket. In his captaincy India climbs no.1 Test and ODI team,
won T20 and 50/50 World cup, Asian cup, historic win of Australian series in their soil, IPL and champions trophy etc., He was criticized earlier because of his bad batting form and some unexpected decision he took in EC matches but he answered all the questions with his bat by playing a match winning game against Srilankans.

#IndvsPak – Two great rivalry of world cricket meet each other on semi finals at Mohali. India defeated Pakistan and entered into WC final to meet against Srilanka.

#Rickyponting – After loosing the match against INDIA on quater finals, Ricky ponting resigns as Australian captain and M.Clarke become the next captain for Australian cricket team.

#idontunderstandwhy – I really cant understand why this topic goes viral on twitter. lol

#RIPJackieChan – Rumors about Jackie Chan death.

#Afridi – Well known for his aggressive play and many crickets fights, he showed immense sportsmanship and spirit on the match against India, his team mates dropped catches many times but he stood calm and encouraged the players to perform well. Unfortunately he loosed the match to team India but he will be always remembered for his humble speech and performance that he delivers on the next day.

Top 10 Weekly twitter trends in INDIA – #3

By sudharsan

March 20, 2011

For the past 2-3 weeks we are discussing bout the weekly twitter trends in India and why it is most popular in that week. Here come weekly chart for this week.

twitter trend chart

#japan – Blast of the 3rd nuclear power plant in japan made the situation worst than before, radiation from these power plants is comparable to radiation emitted by chernobyl disaster. Many people near the power plant areas has evacuated to safer places.

#ie9 – Most awaited internet explorer 9 is ready for download with much more advance features – click here for download.

#MM2011 – An event conducted by International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations.

#Sadiq BatchaSpectrum Raja’s key aide Sadiq Batcha commits suicide. He is considered to be the key link and expected to give major clues about 2G scam case.

#ificouldiwouldbringback – Really wondering why this particular topics in trending on twitter.

#supermoon – The moon is at its closest distance to the Earth. Moon appears fuller and bigger. May stir disturbances such as strong tidal waves, volcanic activity and tsunami. Occuring on 19th March.

#holi – A festival celebrated in India by all ages after diwali.

#breetlee – Australian fast bowler, who took 4 wickets for 28 runs on a league match against pakistan but unfortunately pakistan won the match and puts end for Aussies winning streak in world cup.

#WC – Cricket world cup.

#srilanka – Sri lanka beats New Zealand by 112 runs in Friday WC group A match at Mumbai.

Top 10 Weekly twitter Trends in INDIA

By sudharsan

March 6, 2011

Here is the hot trending topics of India in twitter for previous week. These below mentioned topics was mostly tweeted or discussed in twitter by Indian tweeples in past week. This is the Indian version of Mashable twitter trend chart 😀

indian twitter trends

#Oscars — Users are watching the Red Carpet and Academy Awards telecast and tweeting the live events on twitter with their friends, hoping that “Social network” and “127 hours” will receive Oscar awards in major categories but unfortunately both failed to get awards as expected.

#Budget — Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is delivering the Annual Union Budget in Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Indian Parliament.

#isbetterthan — People comparing two things.

#Ireland – Minnows Ireland beat England in the Cricket World Cup 2011 match at Bangalore, India. Real hero of the match is Kevin O’Brien who smashed fastest century in worldcup and this run chase is the highest one by any team in worldcup history.

#iPad2 – Launch of most expected ipad2 worldwide. People are tweeting their opinions and reactions to Apple’s latest hardware update and debating about what’s better or worse in the new iPad.

#CVC [central vigilance commission] — Govt of India lead by Congress party chose a person with questionable integrity
(involved in a Scam) to head Highest body that will over see all corruption and scam cases.

#Arjun Singh — Veteran Indian Congress leader and former Union minister Arjun Singh, who had served in various capacities including as Madhya Pradesh chief minister, died on Friday.

#WC – Cricket worldcup  invades twitter, cricket fans tweeting live scores, comments and reviews about their favorite players and teams on twitter.

#bandra – Fire accident in bandra near Mumbai.

#dmk — DMK (Ruling party of tamilnadu) says no alliance with #Congress in upcoming legislative assembly election, 2011.