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Web Hosting Tips for Effective Use of cPanel

By Sarvesh

April 16, 2011
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This is a guest post by Sarvesh.

If you have your own website then you may have understood the necessity of a good web hosting provider. With changing technology, there are many significant changes in the web hosting industry and to accommodate with a changing environment, you need to brush up your knowledge.

Some of the elements, which have to be considered when you are dealing with any of the web hosting companies, and the features, which you have to look in the best web hosting company are most common. Just make sure you are acquainted with all these features as fast as you can and get to know these features in order to make your website compatible with the changing environment.


In order to get your website more traffic and to construct it with the changing technology, you need to have optimum knowledge of the new sources which have been implemented in the hosting companies.

Web hosting tips for managing your website with effective cPanel

cPanel is a simple control panel, which helps you to manage your website and enhances the overall control of your hosting account. This operating system is relatively easy to use and even a newbie will understand the use of cPanel without making great deal of mistakes. With some epic features included in it, you can have a nice control of your website. Some of the major features, which have to be studied carefully in cPanel, are listed below.

Web site tools: Contains tools like .htaccess editor or Web Protect, Custom error pages, redirects, ability to edit MIME types and Apache handlers, Install/uninstall FrontPage extensions and File Manager.

Email Functionality: Better management of email accounts in terms of adding removing and changing passwords. cPanel is compatible for setting up email accounts, auto responders, forwards, mailing lists, spam filtering and more.

Backups: Creates copies of files, databases, and downloading backups automatically that were downloaded by cPanel.

Stats programs: With different tools, you can track performance of your website like traffic, popularity and efficiency. Some of the features like Webalizer stats, Webalizer FTP stats, Analog stats, AW stats, Viewing latest visitors, bandwidth usage and error log modules.

FTP: Used to control the FTP accounts and unknown FTP controls along with modification of other FTP functions.

Advanced Hosting Functions: Allow adding and removing sub domains, sub domain redirects etc.,

Advanced Hosting tools: Some of the cool features are added in this tool directory, which will enhance your website performance and will help you manage you hosting account in effective manner.

Database Management Tools: With this tools, MySQL database and PHPMyAdmin access is very easy, as they have increased importance in the new hosting environment.

Author Bio – Sarvesh is a part time blogger and loves to write on webhosting and tech niches. He blogs for a site selling best cheap website hosting servicesand web server hosting.