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Iomoio – Download Cheap & Legal MP3 Songs

By maran

July 15, 2011
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Iomoio is popular mp3 download site on web, you can see many website which offers you free downloads of music but if you hear the songs, you cant get the actual quality of the songs.

But the songs you download from Iomoio will be equal to original quality of  the song. Mp3 music download from Iomoio is at a rate of  $4, there is also a options to download individual tracks for just $0.15 cents. Iomoio has a huge database of about 55k artists, 150k albums, 1759k tracks and 12k GB storage, with more than 1 million tracks, you can find almost any song of your choice.

iomoio logo

Before buying a song, you can listen to a preview of the song for one minutes, if you are satisfied with the quality of the song, you can start downloading it. On their homepage, they feature some of the top albums of countries like UK, USA etc., and new albums & best seller listings that makes easier for user to listen and download their favorite music easily.

They are regularly hosting a weekly giveaway of  “unlimited access account” for the users, eligibility for the giveaway is $100.  If you win the giveaway, you can download any song or any album for lifetime free. Iomoio account is free to all but you need to provide your credit card or any payment details to them. This will be useful for you to get in touch with Iomoio support, and gaining bonus and discounts points in future.

The account on web site is absolutely free, moreover you will receive $0.32 bonus after confirmation of your e-mail address, that’s enough to purchase 2 music tracks or songs of your choice on their website.

Discount/bonus Offers

There is a bonus system only for Iomoio members,  every time you make a new payment or purchase a song, a certain bonus amount is added to your account everytime.

$96 + $96 Bonus
$32 + $16 Bonus
$48 + $32 Bonus

If you are not satisfied with the songs, you can request them to send a request to them with a valid reason, so you money will be returned back to you.

To be frank, Iomoio is the best place on web to download mp3 songs.