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Top 10 Weekly twitter Trends in INDIA – #4

By sudharsan

April 3, 2011
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This week twitter trend is the clear proof of how cricket unite Indian people, most of the topics trended on twitter this week is all related to cricket and world cups. They didn’t speak about any topic more than cricket and at the end INDIAN team won the world cup final satisfied 1.21 billion hearts. #jaiho

india twitter trends

#poonampandey – Kingfisher model & Actress, who gained a cheap publicity by announcing that, she will bare to all audience in stadium if India wins the world cup final against srilanka, whether she will going to do that shit or not she gained a massive popularity
all over the world, she became one of the top trending topics of twitter worldwide. :(

#indvssl – After 28 years, finally INDIA regains the world cup after a historical win against Srilanka at Mumbai. People really gone mad on streets when Dhoni hit that winning shot (sixer) to finish the game.

#Congratulations_INDIA – Twitter flooded with wishes for victorious Indian team.

#Dhoni – One of the best and successful captain in all forms of cricket. In his captaincy India climbs no.1 Test and ODI team,
won T20 and 50/50 World cup, Asian cup, historic win of Australian series in their soil, IPL and champions trophy etc., He was criticized earlier because of his bad batting form and some unexpected decision he took in EC matches but he answered all the questions with his bat by playing a match winning game against Srilankans.

#IndvsPak – Two great rivalry of world cricket meet each other on semi finals at Mohali. India defeated Pakistan and entered into WC final to meet against Srilanka.

#Rickyponting – After loosing the match against INDIA on quater finals, Ricky ponting resigns as Australian captain and M.Clarke become the next captain for Australian cricket team.

#idontunderstandwhy – I really cant understand why this topic goes viral on twitter. lol

#RIPJackieChan – Rumors about Jackie Chan death.

#Afridi – Well known for his aggressive play and many crickets fights, he showed immense sportsmanship and spirit on the match against India, his team mates dropped catches many times but he stood calm and encouraged the players to perform well. Unfortunately he loosed the match to team India but he will be always remembered for his humble speech and performance that he delivers on the next day.

Twitter Malware attacks through its Timeline [Infographics]

By sudharsan

March 24, 2011

Twitter is popular not only for social network but also for malware attacks which struck twitter frequently since  its launch in 2006. There are over 10 major and some minor attacks on twitter so far including different kinds of hacking and malware attacks like malware threat in trending topics, twitter worm exploits google URL shortner, some hacking attempts etc.,

To know the full history of those attacks, check out this infographics which describes the long history of malware attack on twitter in a clean graph.

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5 twitter Settings you need to know for High Privacy & Secure

By sudharsan

March 22, 2011

Twitter, 2nd largest social networking site in the world, its recent time influence in Egpyt revolution, Japan earthquake etc., shows that it has grown beyond social network. Information shared in twitter will be easily accessed by all people around the world, it means any one can know about you and your activities easily, its a great concern for your privacy online.

twitter privacy and secure

By tweaking your twitter settings page, you can access twitter with high secure (HTTPS connection) and able to get rid of all privacy problems.

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1. Always use HTTPS connection

A few days ago twitter added a new security layer (settings) for users to enable them to access twitter with HTTPs connection, so the password and information you share on twitter will be encrypted and its tough for hackers to access your account.

Go to settings > HTTPS only > Tick mark the settings.

twitter https settings screenshot

2. Protect your Tweets

protected their tweets

If you are using your twitter account for personal purpose, you should surely tick mark this settings to prevent others from seeing all of your tweets. So only the people you approve will able to see your tweets.

Go to settings > Tweet privacy > Tick mark the settings

protect your tweets settings screenshot3. Tweet location

This new features of twitter will allows you to add tweet location in your tweets to make easy for your friends to find you but this make easier for the stranger to track your daily activities. So it is advisable to turn off the settings for better privacy.

— Go to settings page > Tweet location > Un-mark the box.

tweet location settings screenshot

If  you want to delete all the history about the locations you’ve shared in tweets so far, now twitter allows you to delete all those traces within 30 minutes.

Go to settings > Check below the tweet location settings, just click the “delete all information” link.

delete twitter location settings screenshot

4. Secure Password

Choose a tricky password for your account which will be very tough for hackers to find out. Don’t choose your mobile number, your name, your pet name etc., as your password. Try to add numbers, special characters along with your name for easy remembrance and high security.

5. Be careful with Third party Applications


While accessing some sites or web applications you may be forced to log into their site via twitter login button, by giving the username and password they can access the  information about your profile. Granting access to all application is not good for your privacy so think before you authenticate (OAuth).

To remove application from accessing your account — and click “revoke access” button.

Do you know any tips for better privacy ? plzz share with us.

Top 10 Weekly twitter trends in INDIA – #3

By sudharsan

March 20, 2011

For the past 2-3 weeks we are discussing bout the weekly twitter trends in India and why it is most popular in that week. Here come weekly chart for this week.

twitter trend chart

#japan – Blast of the 3rd nuclear power plant in japan made the situation worst than before, radiation from these power plants is comparable to radiation emitted by chernobyl disaster. Many people near the power plant areas has evacuated to safer places.

#ie9 – Most awaited internet explorer 9 is ready for download with much more advance features – click here for download.

#MM2011 – An event conducted by International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations.

#Sadiq BatchaSpectrum Raja’s key aide Sadiq Batcha commits suicide. He is considered to be the key link and expected to give major clues about 2G scam case.

#ificouldiwouldbringback – Really wondering why this particular topics in trending on twitter.

#supermoon – The moon is at its closest distance to the Earth. Moon appears fuller and bigger. May stir disturbances such as strong tidal waves, volcanic activity and tsunami. Occuring on 19th March.

#holi – A festival celebrated in India by all ages after diwali.

#breetlee – Australian fast bowler, who took 4 wickets for 28 runs on a league match against pakistan but unfortunately pakistan won the match and puts end for Aussies winning streak in world cup.

#WC – Cricket world cup.

#srilanka – Sri lanka beats New Zealand by 112 runs in Friday WC group A match at Mumbai.

The Print Effect: Create Infographics about your twitter stream

By sudharsan

March 16, 2011

Infogrphics is a best way to visualize a stats for easy remembering and to market the products online. It cannot be created by all because it needs a lot of photoshop work and need some good tools to create a succesfull infographics.  But using “The Print Effect” you can easily create your own infographics in a seconds.

the print effect logo

Just enter your twitter username in the search box, in a seconds it will create an infographics about your twitter stream which includes  the weight of all those pages, area of pages it would cover in total, the length and cost of those pages and the time taken to print those pages using a single inkjet printer.

Check out the stats of TOP twitter users, really interesting one.

create infographics abt twitter stream

LinkCreate your infographics from here.

Top 10 Weekly twitter Trends in INDIA – #2

By sudharsan

March 13, 2011

Here are the top hottest trends of INDIA in twitter for past week. These topics are the mostly tweeted or discussed on twitter for past week by India tweeples. click here to know the twitter trends of India for past week.

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india twitter trends

#womesday – People celebrating women’s day on march 8 by spreading their wishes (tweets) to the world.

#rostaylor – [Newzealand cricket player] What a moment he had on march 9th, he celebrated his 27th birthday with a  spectacular century in Pallekele as New Zealand thrashed Pakistan by 110 runs to go top of World Cup Group A.

#HasanAli – A person who has largest tax due in INDIA estimated about Rs. 72,000 crore by income-tax-department, this figure – which is larger than our country health budget. #wtf #indiashinning.

#Bangladesh – Bangladesh register their 2nd stunning and glorious victory against England in world cup 2011.

#winning – People supporting the winning teams of cricket world cup 2011.

#Nehra – Nehra is a bowler from Indian Cricket team. It was in his over that South Africa defeated India just before time out in World Cup Cricket 2011.

#japan – A 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck pacific ocean near japan triggered TSUNAMI waves, which leads to huge loss of public property and also it leads to the explosion of nuclear reactor.

#prayforjapan – People mourned for the victims who died in japan earthquake via twitter.

#BeforeTwitter – People are talking about what their lives were like before twitter was created.

#super8 -[super8 film trailer released] A science fiction film produced by Steve Spielberg/directed by J.J. Abrams founds its way online via twitter on Friday. watch the trailer from here.

Twidium – Mass follow tool to increase your twitter followers

By sudharsan

March 8, 2011

If you had followed my blog then you’ll remember the post, where we discussed about some tips to increase your twitter followers in a short span. Now its time to add twidium to that list, twidium is a cool tool to increase your twitter followers by sending automatic follow request to multiple peoples (twitter accounts), so chances of getting followed will be of 30-50%. As a result it will surely drive huge followers base to your business.

Don’t miss Importance of using #hashtags in your tweets.

twidium logo


1. Mass following – Select Project > Create new project > Mass following

By selecting specific key words a list of accounts will be found where these words appear.Twidium sends following request if it satisfies all the parameters that you’ve given, otherwise it will skip to next account without following.

2. List Following – select Project > Create new project > List following

It will analyze all the followers of your select or chosen accounts and match it with your parameters to decide whether to follow or not. So it is advisable not to be more strict in selecting the parameters.

3. Unfollowing –  Project > Create new project > Unfollowing.

This tool also allows you to mass unfollow people so always be careful in using this option, otherwise it will unfollow your important contacts from your list.

4. You will not be banned – The mechanism for imitating human actions guarantees your account will not be banned.

5. Proxy support – Fully automatic work with proxy servers to avoid exceeding Twitter limits.

Official download link

Note – Write a review about this product in your blog and get free license code to use this tool lifetime.

Top 10 Weekly twitter Trends in INDIA

By sudharsan

March 6, 2011

Here is the hot trending topics of India in twitter for previous week. These below mentioned topics was mostly tweeted or discussed in twitter by Indian tweeples in past week. This is the Indian version of Mashable twitter trend chart 😀

indian twitter trends

#Oscars — Users are watching the Red Carpet and Academy Awards telecast and tweeting the live events on twitter with their friends, hoping that “Social network” and “127 hours” will receive Oscar awards in major categories but unfortunately both failed to get awards as expected.

#Budget — Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee is delivering the Annual Union Budget in Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Indian Parliament.

#isbetterthan — People comparing two things.

#Ireland – Minnows Ireland beat England in the Cricket World Cup 2011 match at Bangalore, India. Real hero of the match is Kevin O’Brien who smashed fastest century in worldcup and this run chase is the highest one by any team in worldcup history.

#iPad2 – Launch of most expected ipad2 worldwide. People are tweeting their opinions and reactions to Apple’s latest hardware update and debating about what’s better or worse in the new iPad.

#CVC [central vigilance commission] — Govt of India lead by Congress party chose a person with questionable integrity
(involved in a Scam) to head Highest body that will over see all corruption and scam cases.

#Arjun Singh — Veteran Indian Congress leader and former Union minister Arjun Singh, who had served in various capacities including as Madhya Pradesh chief minister, died on Friday.

#WC – Cricket worldcup  invades twitter, cricket fans tweeting live scores, comments and reviews about their favorite players and teams on twitter.

#bandra – Fire accident in bandra near Mumbai.

#dmk — DMK (Ruling party of tamilnadu) says no alliance with #Congress in upcoming legislative assembly election, 2011.

[Video] Egypt Revolution on twitter – Gephi Graph Visualization

By sudharsan

February 19, 2011

Social media plays on major role in Egypt revolution, it seems to be a “social media revolution” on Egypt because social media sites like Titter, Youtube and Facebook helps in organizing huge people at one place, it makes more easier to spread views, news and information about the revolution to thew world, though these sites are banned by Egypt government.

gephi graph streaming

This amazing video made by André Panisson shows how the tweets of Egyptian revolution spread on twitter in real time. Each dot represents to a user who tweeted with hashtags #jan25 and a line drawn between two dotted lines shows it is re-tweeted eventually by other peoples.  It turns into a full blown network of protesters all around the globe (twitter).

via -(source)

3 Hot News about Twitter, which is #trending Today

By sudharsan

February 10, 2011

Now the trending topics on internet seems to be twitter because of 3 hot news and deals around twitter. These news are featuring top columns of many popular corporate blogs like WSJ, TNW, mashable etc., Here I mentioned a short intro about the news, do you want it brief, you can check out more by clicking “read more” link below the articles.

twitter hot news & deals

1. Twitter takeover -Who is going to win ? Facebook or Google ?

This news is not a rumor as before, the two internet giants fighting to buy twitter for $8-10 billions, executives at Twitter have held a “low level” talks with executives at Facebook and Google in recent months about a possible takeover, as reported by WSJ. But till now there is no no official post from twitter side regarding this issue, seems that twitter is busy with #superbowl, which is topping twitter with its high TPS.

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2. #superbowl 2011 sets new TPS record on Twitter

Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in United States, which sets a record of 4,064 tweets per seconds (TPS), which is the highest for any sporting events on twitter history.

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3. Andreessen Horowitz has invested $80 million in Twitter

Andreessen Horowitz has invested more than $80 million in Twitter via purchasing stock in private secondary markets, but he did not did not invest in Twitter’s recent $200 million round, which valued the company at $3.75 billion – [source]

Things happenings around twitter at recent time confirms that, twitter will emerge as a $100 billion company soon.