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Create Infographics from your foursquare, twitter & facebook Data’s

By sudharsan

April 15, 2011
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Infographics has become one of the best marketing tool of future, people love to read those Infogrphics rather than reading lengthy blog posts and also its easy to remember the stats through visualization. If you want to create an Infographics of your own you must be skillful in Photoshop and other chart tools.

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infographics inspiration logo

Whether its possible to own an Infogrphics without knowing any of these skills ? the answer is yes. Here is the 3 tools that can create a beautiful chart based on the social stats of your twitter, facebook and foursquare profiles.

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1. — This is a small little tool that create beautiful infographics from your foursquare data’s such as how many check in’s, friends, followers and badges you have in your profile.

lauren_foursquare infographics

< Image credit >

2. The print effect — This awesome chart contains data’s about your twitter profiles such as, no of A4 pages need to print all of your tweets, liters of ink needed to print, its cost & time consumption etc.,

create infographics abt twitter stream

3. My_Infographic – There is no external tool for Facebook but this handy apps will do it for you, it creates an personalized Infographic showing your Top 3 closest friends, relationship % of your friends, most popular pictures etc.,

facebook - my infographics

Google +Like: Facebook “Like” button to every Google search results

By sudharsan

April 12, 2011

As you all know that, Google Unveils  most awaited and rumored Google +1 features to its SERP a few weeks before, allowing users to vote for their favorite links in search engines result page, an initial step taken to reduce “content farm sites” and a good start of personalized search results.

Many webmasters says that it will be a good alternative for facebook “like” button, but FB “like” buttons cannot be shown in search results page, only it is available as a plugins that can be installed in a website.

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Facebook "like" in google

A new extension called Google +Like, which switch Google’s +1 button with a Facebook “Like” button in SERP, the extension shows you how many people have shared the link on Facebook and who out of your friends has already shared it in a icon image at right side. Check the screenshot below.

facebook likes in search results page

Watch the DEMO

Add a Facebook Like button to every Google search results, see how many people liked each of the results and find friends who had already recommended it ! Get it now and start using a much smarter Google search.

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Pros & Cons of Migrating Facebook Profile to Business page

By sudharsan

April 1, 2011

Facebook announced a new features, now you can able to convert (migrate) your facebook profile into business page (i.e converting your friends to FANS) and enjoy all facilities available for business page.

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new facebook logo or icon

Need for Migration

Facebook has grown beyond social networking with friends, it has now become the best marketing tool for business owners. So converting profile into business page will be useful for you to get more number of fans (i.e yours friends will be converted to fans) so you will get all the advent rage of business page.

1. Pros of Migration

— No friends limits restriction.

— All of your friends converted into fans.

— Brand and exposure.

2. Cons of Migration

— After converting, you cant add or accept friends,

— You will loose all of your data shared in your FB profile, so download all of you status messages, information, contacts etc., before migrating.

— You cannot chat with friends.

— Once migrated it cannot be retrieved back.

— Vanity URL associated with the profile will be lost.

To say in one word, it will be a complete business page or fanpage. It will be useful for those people who have two separate facebook profile for personal and business, so they can convert their business profile into business page.

Download Information

To begin this process, go to your Account Settings page > click the “learn more” link beside “Download Your Information” > click the “Download” button.

How to Migrate a profile ?

To being this, go to > Migrate page > follow the instructions and you will be automatically taken to next steps of migration.

What do you say guys ? whether it will be useful ?

2 Brand new facebook Layout (re-design) of future

By sudharsan

March 29, 2011

The web is not the same anymore and neither are we, same way facebook has gone through many changes in its design since its launch. Current design is very professional which let users to easily monitor and navigate through the links, comments, apps, likes etc., even Google revamped its profile page with a facebook look.

new facebook logo

But facebook may change this new layout in future according to the user convenience, can you guess how it looks like ? and how it will differ from this current layout ?

Note – These layouts are not officially approved by facebook, its just a thought.

1. Designed by Informationarchitects

— This new 3 column layout looks very similar to #newtwitter design.

facebook re-design of future 1

<click image to enlarge>

via (Informationarchitects)

2. Designed by Jonaska

This design looks like upgraded version of current layout.

facebook new design of future

<click image to enlarge>

via (Jonaska)

Would You Prefer This Facebook Redesign?

World first “Social Keyboard” for facebook – SNAK

By sudharsan

March 17, 2011

If you are hardcore a facebook users, love to access facebook more easily, you must check out this SNAK keyboard.  SNAK stands for Social Network Access Keyboard, which is nothing but a regular keyboard that has extra 19 hot keys on both sides for instant & easy access to different features like add friend, privacy settings, profile settings, like button, comment etc., in Facebook.

social keyboard screenshot

Facebook Keyboard screenshot

SNAK Features

1. 19 Social Network Hotkeys

Navigating facebook becomes easier now with these cool keys, for example, if you need to change privacy setting, no need to navigate with your mouse to click setting page, just simply click “privacy setting” button on the keyboard, you will be automatically directed to appropriate pages.

Watch SNAK in Action

2. Safe and Secure Connection

Once you sign out, the Hot Keys automatically become disabled. This is a safety measure taken to prevent other users from accessing your information on facebook.

3. Worry Free Guarantee

24/7 customer care support, use LIVE Chat on the left !

facebook keyboardBuy it for just $30

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Top 10 Facebook fanpage of Popular Brands having highest fans

By sudharsan

March 14, 2011

It’s very rare to see a company or brand without facebook fanpage now, its huge popularity and growth had pulled many brands to market their products on social media. Do you know which brands has highest number of fans and engagement on fanpage ? check out this info graphics…

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Get the info-graphics to be embedded on your website like you see below –

Get your photo featured on the “Longest facebook wall” in the world

By sudharsan

March 11, 2011

McCollins Media, a Dubai based full service communications agency, is set to create history by creating ‘The Longest Facebook Wall in the World‘. The aim of the project is to highlight the onset of Social Media Marketing and its importance in brand communications to the world.

They had launched a new site with facebook integration named “longest facebook wall“. It will add the profile image of the person in their site wall who had joined in their site via facebook,  as more and more users joins the page this wall continues to grow eventually, at present there are 330 persons joined the club and you can make it as bigger than china wall by sharing it with your friends and make them to join this long chain process. Every users will be given a separate URL of their image on the wall to make it easier for them to share with their friends.

longest facebook wall

— Check out my photo featured on the wall.

Join the club

[How to] Set up Facebook Analytics for Social plugins

By sudharsan

March 9, 2011

The social network site is rolling out new features everyday, few days back they have launched comment plugin for blogs and now they added another cool feature to their insights tool, facebook real time analytics – which allows the users to analysis their blog updates in facebook. A publisher can see how his content is performing in facebook and enables them to optimize their blog for further updates.

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facebook real analytic

Why we need this tool ?

As you all know fb is the second largest website in the world having more than 600 million users, so it turn out to be the best place for marketing a business online. But one major draw back in facebook is, there is no analytic to track or analyze your content shared in facebook. Now with the use of this tool you can track all the activities of the users like CTR, demographics, impression count, gender, comment rate etc., This analytic tool is very similar to Google analytics.

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1. Like button Analytics

like button analytics screenshot

2. Comment Box Analytics

comment box analytics

3. Popular pages

popular pages analytics screenshot

4. Demographic data

facebook demographics screenshot

Alternate tool Tool to check your blog performance in FB and twitter.

How to set up ?

Note – This analytics is available only for facebook social plugins so be sure that you’ve installed it in your blog.

— login to facebook insights page.

— click “Insights for your website” button and enter the following details, check the screenshot below.

set up facebook insights screenshot

— Copy & paste the code inside the <head> section of your blog and click update.

— Now click the “Get Insights” button in facebook. That’s it, you blog is ready for Real time facebook analytics.

Update: Now you can translate Facebook into 112+ languages

By sudharsan

March 6, 2011

Today morning facebook has rolled out a new feature, facebook translate — now you can able to tranlsate facebook into 112 languages, so you can access facebook in any languages .This features is slowly rolling out to all fb users, so don’t worry if you didn’t get this updates, you will receive it shortly.

By clicking the scroll button, you can able to pick your desired language to translate.

Look at the screen shot below –

facebook translate

> Translated in TAMIL

fb translate in tamil

Do you got this update ??