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Like +1 Button: Share Post on Google +1’s & facebook Simultaneously

By sudharsan

June 20, 2011
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A few weeks back, I had shared about Google +1 and Google +like button which allows you to share any web links from search engine result pages easily. Today, webmynd, a cross platform addon development team, had developed a new browser extension, Like +1, which give you the function of both facebook like and Google +1.

like +1 logo

If you install this addon in your browser, facebook like button will turns out to be “like +1” button, so whenever you like +1 any web page, you likes will be automatically posted to facebook as well as in Google +1 profile, so you can post an article on two different sites simultaneously in a single click.

like +1 button function

Like +1 Article Posted both in Google and Facebook Profile.

google +1 and like +1via – Techcrunch

Have you Seen this “Fix this” Button in Facebook Before ?

By sudharsan

June 11, 2011

Today, while I’m surfing facebook, I came across this new button “Fix this“, when I clicked  this button it displays a message box, “Correct your page label” – what’s wrong with this page ? Facebook ask me to correct whether the page is original profile (official) page of  Trisha (leading Tamil Actress) or it’s a fake one.

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facebook fix this button

I’m using facebook for about a year, so far I didn’t confront such kind of button in facebook, may be, facebook has rolled this new button for celerity and brand pages to verify their account like what we have in twitter or it just asked to confirm whether the profile does not contains any illegal (violence, nudity, scam, harmful) materials.

I like to know you views ?

How To: Turn Off Facebook face Recognition Feature

By sudharsan

June 9, 2011

Facebook launched a new features, now facebook can auto recognize & suggest your friends on facebook while you share any group photos in facebook, this is a super cool feature that makes easier for tagging College days photos with friends.

If you feel this photo tagging is annoying, facebook allow you to disable this features permanently, after that facebook won’t show tag suggestions whenever your friends update any group photos of you.

facebook face recognition
Go to your > Privacy settings > Customize settings > Scroll down to “Things others share” > Find “Suggest photos of me to friends.” > Disable Tagging.

disable facebook face recognition

Museum Of Me: Turn Your Facebook Life into Awesome Virtual Museum

By sudharsan

June 3, 2011

Few days before I have shared an app called social memories that can make a beautiful album from your facebook profile photos, likes etc., Today I’ve come up with another awesome and cool tool that worth million of likes.

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facebook museum, leading chip manufacturer, had create an awesome tool called “Museum of Me“, that gathers your photos, likes, status updates of your facebook profiles to create a beautiful virtual museum. Your facebook life is organized into different rooms, it will exibit or showcase your popular photos, likes etc., in different room where digital people checking out your exhibits with a music plays at the background.

Social Memories – Create Beautiful Album from your facebook Memories

By sudharsan

May 21, 2011

A new facebook applications that compiles your facebook activity data from June 2009 to present or you can set the timeline, that slice and create a 28 page beautiful album organizing all of your facebook memories (activities) such as your total likes, comments, your activity distribution, popular photos you have uploaded etc., It will be arranged in a beautiful Album to share with your friends circle.

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Social Memories of sudharsan

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Pro-version of this app is available for 19 euros along with free shipping to your home, this pro version includes 28 pages of beautiful album of your facebook memories. If you need this, you have to pay money for them, otherwise only a selected 6 pages of your album will be shared with your friends.

7 Powerful facebook “Like” Powered Search Engines

By sudharsan

May 7, 2011

Few years back, facebook introduced “like” button that enables users to like & share their favorite pages and weblinks with their friends circle. These “likes” got a huge  brand value because these likes are purely based on the user interest and not done by an Bots. So searching across those “likes” will reveal many interesting links which is undiscovered by search engines.

Do readGoogle +Like: Add facebook like button for every search results.

facebook social searchBing has already added facebook likes search to its social search algorithm and there are some search engines like blekko which dedicated for facebook like search. Other than blekko, here I mentioned about some popular search engines powered by facebook likes which you may like very much.

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1. Likester – Its a new startup that lets user to search their friends “like” database, user can able to view popular, trending likes of their friends circle and from everyone on facebook.

2. Booshaka – An alternate tool for likester but slightly differ from it. It rank pages on different categories like athletes, public figure etc., based on points. You can also add your fanpage to get ranked among all pages.

3. Bing – Not a dedicated search machine for fb likes, but its social search features allow you to search facebook, as Bing stands 2nd place in search market, results shown will be highly reliable.

4. Blekko To my knowledge, it is the first search engine fully dedicated for facebook likes, popularly knows as / slashtag search.

5. Like Button – Browse through the popular likes of your friends in different pre-defined categories, you can also check more updates from everyone by clicking “search on facebook” button.

facebook search options

6.Facebook Search If you still not able to get better results from above mention engines, facebook helps you to find better & relevant results.

7. Greplin – The best tool to search your facebook database, search through your facebook streams, fb friends, events, private messages or chat, notes etc., without missing a single conversation.

facebook greplin search

Facebook Expands its Territory: Send Button to replace “Email to a friend”

By sudharsan

April 26, 2011

Facebook, just announced their another product to capture the world Internet market, facebook send button – a good alternative to traditional “Email to a friend” button. “Email to a friend” button is used by most of the bloggers to make easier for the users to share their favorite article with their friends circle because at that time email is the only popular communication tool for internet users.

Facebook send button

But now people started to use facebook for connecting with friends to share their views, photos, videos etc., than using emails, so facebook trying to extend its territory a little bit bigger by introduced Send button. Now you can share articles with your facebook friends, groups and you can also send to you friend email id in a single click.

Blogger can able to view how many users had shared article via send button from Facebook analytic, Don’t know how to install facebook analytic to your blog – Read this tutor.

> Install send button to your blog from Developers page

facebook send button demo

SocialSearching: Search your twitter & facebook Streams easily

By sudharsan

April 19, 2011

Twitter and facebok has become mini-blogs, people love to share content with their friends in social media sites, so chances of getting good quality results via social media is increasing recent times. That’s the major reaosn behind social search features of Bing and Google search engines.

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social search logo png

Searching social media is a tough job than searching million of blogs from search engines, here is a nice tool which make things easier for you. Social searching, allows you to find status updates & tweets from your facebook and twitter profiles easily, there are two options in this tool, you can search from your friends profile or search from everyone.

> Social

social searching screenshotvia (lifehacker)