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How to be an Ethical Tweeter and Market your Blog?

By jane

July 7, 2011
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Optimizing your Blog can bring good traffic and great visibility to it is a known fact. There are many optimizing techniques available today from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to SMO ( Social Media Optimization ). But have you tried optimizing your Blog through Twitter Search?

Yes, you heard it right. It is also one of the ways to get you good followers and readership easily inclining to get easy organic free traffic to your Blog. It is still a less known fact to optimize a blog considering the growing SEO industry, though people tend to promote and let others know through Twitter about Links and Blogs.

tweeter logo

As having a Twitter account is a must today, you can grow your business by optimizing your blog using twitter search and can increase your contacts , drive relevant traffic to your Blog, as it is a great internet marketing tool.

The full potential of your Blog business and the content you publish can be only accomplished only if you take few steps to optimize your blog with an overall keyword strategy and make it rank with the search engines on the first page of the search result. Google uses Twitter profiles, updates, tweets and retweets in its search results for discovering new updated content.

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Hence using Twitter to your advantage can only make your business grow with effort and care and avoiding certain mistakes which will be discussed later in this post. Twitter’s search Engine is a real time one as it readily recognizes the constant updates and tweets from the moment they get listed with the search history.

That means for every new second, people are constantly updating their profiles and a search in between will get you the most recent updated news, views and content. That’s why, it is known to be real time. But Twitter’s search engine uses a different search algorithm altogether when compared with Google, still business bloggers and entrepreneurial ventures are a little sceptical about the cleverness of Twitter as a search Engine.

Also twitter can never have an index size of Google and even it doesn’t have to because it knows even seconds after you update your content with news, views and whatever quality content you have in your Blog.

Let us now see how twitter search optimization can help in developing relevant traffic and make you visible to possible clients and new contacts.

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Choose Twitter Handle according to your Twitter Brand

Your twitter handle (username) appears on every update or tweet of yours. So choosing your handle appropriately and relevant to your blog or business helps you to get indexed in the search results of twitter. Keep in mind that twitter allocates only 15 characters for handles. You can even change your account name in the pull down menu bar of your account settings.

Make sure in the Twitter sharing buttons you offer at your site, that you include your handle.

Make your Tweets keyword rich

The tweets should be keyword rich, hence do a research of what keywords of your blog business can help you fetch more followers and obtain organic traffic to your blog. Also the highest ranking is given to the first 40 characters of your tweets which includes your username as well. Keeping shorter keywords and giving more space for keyword rich tweets can help. Remember that Tweets should be a promoting factor of your blog.

Make sure your tweets are retweetable

Since Twitter is an open community where users can retweet your tweets catering to a larger viewers and followers. Make sure tweets should never exceed 140 characters as the ones which exceed are not capable of being retweeted.

Use of Hashtag Keywords

Hashtag (#), when appended with tweets can be searchable on its search engine. Thus blog’s title can be your handle in twitter and tweets with hashtags give more exposure to your site or link.

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Well defined description

Meta description of your twitter profile description is tagged always with your profile on the top of the page. Keeping it relevant to your blog’s business with quality content of your blog’s data and linking it with websites allows good exposure.

Having a bio with long tail keyword rich data gives more twitter search indexing.

I am sure this will provide you with some tasks on optimizing your blog and business for Twitter search, without using brute force. Let me quickly point out certain things one must avoid in Twitter as it can ruin recognition and get indexed with search results on Twitter.

Do not promote your statuses incessantly about your business. Back up your updates with valuable information rather than posting promotional posts which might bore your twitter audience. Repeating your tweets again and again will make your audience to see in a negative light. It will be an annoying to them.

Also remember to update your status with content that is useful to other business owners. Reputation is important which should tell about the good content and show you in positive light.

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Download Free Guidebook on Internet Marketing to Generate more Profits

By sudharsan

June 26, 2011

Internet marketing has become an ultimate & effective business tool to reach millions of  people (customers) easily. Really, marketing had simplified after the advent of internet because  you don’t need any bulk cash, media power etc., to market your products, all you need to know is, some basic basic tools and right guidelines about marketing.

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internet marketing free guidebook

This Internet marketing guidebook released by infusion soft, sales & marketing software company, will teach you about some basic and essential things you need to know about your landing product page,tools set up, traffic generation, list building for email marketing, content managements etc., to turn your daily visitors to potential customers.

As a reader of this book, you will discover:

1. Website evaluation

2. Optimizing your site for Search engines

3. Beginners guide for Paid advertising  (Adwords & facebook Ads)

4. Video Marketing (YouTube)

5. Lead Generation.

6. Email Marketing.

And lots more to read !

Tips and information given in this book can be easily understandable and very practical to implement. This is a great resource for anyone hoping to capture more leads to make big profits.

— Download Free Internet Marketing Guidebook now, when you download this book, you will get free bonus email series of “7 Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing“.

Which Social Network Sites values your Privacy & Secure to use

By sudharsan

June 21, 2011

No doubt, that social network sites has brought the whole world under one roof, you can able to communicate with all class of people all over the world. But once you post anything in your profile, it will be visible to the whole world and its very tough to erase those traces. This is the reason why social network sites are not to secure to use, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says that facebook is an “appalling spy machine” in the world, I think you don’t need anyother proof more than this.

So before joining in any social n/w sites, be sure whether it is secure to use. This infographics is all about rating of social network sites based on how they value user privacy.

safe social network site

Like +1 Button: Share Post on Google +1’s & facebook Simultaneously

By sudharsan

June 20, 2011

A few weeks back, I had shared about Google +1 and Google +like button which allows you to share any web links from search engine result pages easily. Today, webmynd, a cross platform addon development team, had developed a new browser extension, Like +1, which give you the function of both facebook like and Google +1.

like +1 logo

If you install this addon in your browser, facebook like button will turns out to be “like +1” button, so whenever you like +1 any web page, you likes will be automatically posted to facebook as well as in Google +1 profile, so you can post an article on two different sites simultaneously in a single click.

like +1 button function

Like +1 Article Posted both in Google and Facebook Profile.

google +1 and like +1via – Techcrunch

4 Videos about Twitter in Real Life

By sudharsan

June 16, 2011

Though there are  many advantages of using twitter we must surely accept the privacy concern about these sites. For example, if any stranger come to you and ask for your name, info and you daily life activities, what will you do and how will you react to those peoples ?

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twitter in real life

But the same thing is happening in your daily online life, once you tweeted about your activities it will be visible to million of people all over the world and you personal information, place of living &  interest is available to everyone from your profile, you can’t escape from those prying eyes.

These videos is all about reflection of your online social media activities and how you are going to confront those situation in real life.

Twitter in Real life – College Humors

What are you doing ?

Fu****G Character Count

Twitter in Real Life –  A Parody

Have you Seen this “Fix this” Button in Facebook Before ?

By sudharsan

June 11, 2011

Today, while I’m surfing facebook, I came across this new button “Fix this“, when I clicked  this button it displays a message box, “Correct your page label” – what’s wrong with this page ? Facebook ask me to correct whether the page is original profile (official) page of  Trisha (leading Tamil Actress) or it’s a fake one.

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facebook fix this button

I’m using facebook for about a year, so far I didn’t confront such kind of button in facebook, may be, facebook has rolled this new button for celerity and brand pages to verify their account like what we have in twitter or it just asked to confirm whether the profile does not contains any illegal (violence, nudity, scam, harmful) materials.

I like to know you views ?

How Airlines Companies Managing their Social Media Presence

By sudharsan

June 11, 2011

Starting from a normal person to big corporate companies, all started to use social media, some use it for connecting with their close buddies and some companies use it for survey & to engage with their customers. To say in one words, social media has brought the whole world under one roof.

airlines using social media

Do you know how airlines companies are using social media sites and how they are engaging their customers in social media ? Here I shared a video and an infographics created by simpliflying, leaders in airlines customer engagement, which tells about some cool stats about social media activity of popular airlines company.


how airlines using social media infographics

How Airlines using Twitter

how airlines using twitter

Thanks – Mediabistro

How To: Turn Off Facebook face Recognition Feature

By sudharsan

June 9, 2011

Facebook launched a new features, now facebook can auto recognize & suggest your friends on facebook while you share any group photos in facebook, this is a super cool feature that makes easier for tagging College days photos with friends.

If you feel this photo tagging is annoying, facebook allow you to disable this features permanently, after that facebook won’t show tag suggestions whenever your friends update any group photos of you.

facebook face recognition
Go to your > Privacy settings > Customize settings > Scroll down to “Things others share” > Find “Suggest photos of me to friends.” > Disable Tagging.

disable facebook face recognition