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Internal Backlinks Building – Bring Traffic From Long Tail Keywords!

By Tammy

August 30, 2011
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If you have built high quality internal backlinks for your site? Compared with the external backlinks, internal backlinks are quite simple but very powerful, sometimes even lead to more obvious results than building millions of external  backlinks.

It has been proved that in 2 to 4 weeks, if you naturally add internal backlinks, your site will immediately gain more traffic from long tail keywords. How much traffic you will gain depends on the competition of the keywords chosen and how many keywords within your posts.

Internal backlinks building & Image optimization

There’re also many other SEO tips besides building high quality internal backlinks within your site such as to optimizing image searches such as properly adding titles, descriptions. Sometimes, images would bring more traffic than building internal backlinks. But the problem is the conversion rate. Think about it, users who searched for images landed on your site and they saw many ads, they would neglect those ads because their target was pictures, while internal backlinks would bring more targeted visitors to your site and you can add more affiliate products within the pages and it would convert very well, trust me.

Google index & Internal backlinks

Internal backlinks concludes tag backlinks, posts backlinks, categories backlinks and so on. Usually, as to my experience, Google would index these backlinks very soon if your site properly optimized, usually within 24 hours. Your main page will show highest at first, such as within 100th rankings, while the tag pages or internal post pages ranks at 300th to 400th. Then after 1 week to 1 month’s time, the internal page would raise to within 50th rankings, sometimes within 10th rankings.

Internal backlinks & Google trends

It’s very smart to build internal backlinks with keywords from Google trends, because if you choose keywords properly, you will gain high traffic within short time.
It’s recommended that:
1. Choose not so competitive keywords within Google trends.
2. Post series of posts in short time thus the internal backlinks would be much more powerful
3. Choose relative keywords such as 5-10 keywords at one time

Next time I will introduce to you some nice tools to build internal backlinks!

HTTP Status Code & its Impact on SEO [Infographics]

By sudharsan

June 1, 2011

HTTP status code is nothing but a response status between browser and a server, you normally aware of only few status codes that usually your browser shows in your daily internet life, but there are dozens of status codes handled by your browser. Whether it will affect a site SEO performance ? the answer is, yes.

google 404 not found error logo

For example: If an user or a bot visit your page which lands on 404 not found or 500 internal server error, it may surely affect your blog performance in search results, you have to solve those issue asap, otherwise your ranking may come down in SERP gradually. To handle these issues, you need to know some basic knowledge about the status code and how a bot and visitors will react while getting those errors in your site.

SEOmoz, popular seo software company, has published an infographics that tells how a search bots sees these status codes and how some of those can impact seo of your blog.

seo guide to http status codes

Google Indexing Millions of Bing Image Results

By sudharsan

May 31, 2011

A few months back Google accused Bing for stealing their search results, but now search engine round table reported that Google is indexing about 8 million of Bing image thumbnail results. This issue was first posted by loupiote in Google webmaster forum, he said, when he tried to solve the issue of hotlinking his photo by a content farm site ( from bing image results, surprisingly he found millions of Bing cache thumbnail images indexed by Google.

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bing cache results

I think this is a small error from Google because they are not copying the results directly, they just indexed the hot linked images from Bing search results, so the fault is on the content farm sites. We had already discussed about why indexing images of a tech blog is dangerous as it may harm your bandwidth of the server.

Now the problem has been solved by Google, search now for Bing cache image you can see only few images on results.

What Matt Cutts says about Google Panda Update [video]

By sudharsan

May 27, 2011

Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, engaged in a live chat with bloggers and webmasters on YouTube, May 25th. In that discussion he answered many questions of webmasters and this is a clipped version of full length video, where he explains about recent Google algorithm updates “Google panda”.

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matt cutts live chat

He says, that initially panda update has come from collaboration of Google web spam team with some search quality folks to reduce spam links in SERP. Current update is just a initial step and full version of the update will be rolled out soon after rectifying all mistakes from the complaints they get.

Must read – How Demand Media (content farm) works & how it affected by Google Panda update.

Matt Cutts words about Google Panda Update [Clipped]

10 Commandments of Quality Link Buildings [Infographics]

By sudharsan

May 25, 2011

Link building, one of the tough part of search engine marketing to get higher rankings in Google SERP. Bloggers & webmaster do different techniques for link building, all  have their unique way of their own. But only a few knows how to do it in a proper way, over doing it or following black hat tricks for link building will affect your search rankings severely, so you have to do it in proper way or atleast do it in way that search spiders can’t find out your black hat techniques.

commandments of link building

This awesome infographics designed by klikki, a search marketing company, which guides you to build proper link and what are the things you should avoid while creating links.


The “ALT” Guide for Image Optimization & Tips for Search Engines

By sudharsan

April 23, 2011

Bloggers do many things to drive traffic for their website, you can drive traffic through optimizing content, backlinks, social media sites etc., these methods are very common for general websites but for a site like picture or images hosting blogs their main source of traffic is from image search engines like Google images.

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Optimizing image is very important for them to get good exposure from search engines. Most important points for image optimization is the proper use of <img> tags, image title. Giving proper keywords related to you image alone won’t work for you much, you have to thing as a user of how a user will search and get image from search engines. Remember, there is a lot of difference between image search and normal Google search, you have to do some tweaks to boost your image traffic.

Image optimization

Frankly speaking, I’m not a big fan of image search traffic for tech & marketing blogs because they are useless one, but for image hosting blogs the thing is different, they totally rely on these traffic for their blogs.

Do read – Why Google image traffic is useless & dangerous for TECH & marketing blogs.

ALT tags

Search engine spiders index & rank images using your image ALT tags so you have to give proper keyword rich & user friendly ALT tags for your images.

1. Examples -Consider if you have a post “Facebook security tips” and how will you choose right ALT tags for your image shared in that particular article. People wont search for FB security tips in image search engines because the keyword deals with content, Isn’t it ? Rather than giving your Post title as ALT tags, you can choose ALT tags a follows

Facebook secure logo

Facebook secure logo png

google image search suggestion

In these screenshot, you can able to see Google image search suggestion of what people highly search, you can apply those similar suggesting keywords for your blog images at relevant places like what you do for your articles from Google search suggestion results & keyword tools.

Image search suggestion

2. Examples :- If your image is a screenshot or any tutor, you can give ALT tags like,

Tutorial screenshot png

website screenshot png

General Optimization Tips

1. Always use optimized images such as png, Jpg format in your blog because it will load faster and very comfortable to be viewed in any browsers, so people love to download those images.

— Use WP plugin for optimizing image & to make your wordpress blog load faster.

2. If upload images from mobiles phones the title of image will look like <IMG001.jpg> some thing like that, so change the title of the image according to your picture and title of your article.

— Install SEO friendly Images plugin for better optimization.

3. Use ALT tags for every images of your blog.

4. If it possible try to sprinkle related keywords around your image.

5. If you cannot produce quality images of your own, at least try to edit the image wisely that look fresh for the readers, if you feel difficult to work in Photoshop, try some other image editing tool for bloggers. eg: Snag it editor.

Sorezki SEO Plus – Awesome & Must chrome Addon for Webmasters

By sudharsan

April 9, 2011

Sorezki SEO plus, a must Chrome extension which upgrades Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo search engine and Google Analytics with social activity statistics, on-page results, social media info and PR / search results numbering, as well as  Alexa and Compete ranks analysis with advanced metrics and much more.

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chrome seo extension

There are so many chrome addons (extension) to check SEO stats of a website but what’s unique in this extension ? Rather than giving data about the SEO stats it also delivers the social media stats of that website such as delicious bookmarks, FB and twitter share, likes, comments and also it provide optimization tips like HTML-CSS validation, meta descriptions, robots.txt etc.,

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SEO stats of a website

Sorezki SEO extension settings

Social media stats

Sorezki SEO extension

Watch the DEMO

6 Things to look when you choose your SEO firm

By Martin

March 10, 2011

Are you thinking of hiring a search engine optimization firm which will help you in increasing your search engine rankings? Then read this more to find on how and what are the best things that you can do to choose your SEO firm that will help you to see marked differences for you website or blog in terms of traffic, visitors and readers. Do you want basic SEO report about your blog for free, check here.

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Let us see the things,

choose your SEO firm1. Are they far reaching?

If the answer is yes then please avoid the company. A good firm should be easily approachable and the contact details must be transparent. A good sign of a competent SEO company is that the one which has a diverse range of products and have a full service plan, which can set and reach targets that you have set for your online campaign.

2. Will they be dedicated for serving your business?

SEO is a highly competitive area, and there may be thousands of companies working together to work on products like yours and many others, with seminal SEO optimized search and key word phrases. When you are approaching a SEO company, they might have many such clients in your similar field, which is much of an advantage that they have experience to sell your business online, and will have a disadvantage that they will prioritize your business based on the income and the bid that they receive. This way you may lose with your rival competitors, for not knowing that they are also with the same SEO firm. The best option left over here, is to see their previous work targets that the SEO firms have achieved, and then set your realistic target.

3. How good is the SEO firm performing?

A very good SEO firm need not be a big master who have made to the top, and you might hit on your budget by trying to hire them and many a times you may get lost in vanity. Go for a SEO firm that is not mundane and not works on a single formula, but one that works on multiple formulas and will choose the one that is going to work for you and keep fiddling with these formulas with the ultimate goal of increasing your rank in the search engines.

4. Find one and not get stuck

Well, finding a SEO firm that will work for you is something that does not trap you into long-term contracts but gives you the option to try and sign a contract. For example, the SEO firm that provides you with the option of bringing a neutral target than the actual expected target to be reached within a set period, and on doing so they get the contract. This is much like bidding for a contract but on a try and sign a contract basis. However, this versatility may not be available with the bigger SEO firms, but who knows that you might find a small firm at a very good price for the budget that you can test on.

5. Check the experience in your field

It is good to check the background of the SEO firm in your products and services, and how well they have fared well, which could be taken as a background check while collecting quotes and bids from the various companies. Choose the firm that has a new formula for your company and who has good experience as well.

6. Check the SEO firm is registered and are aware of the local laws of the state

It is not enough that the SEO does everything for you, for they may get you into trouble if you are not going check on them that they are not spamming, phishing and making things work legally and ethically correct.

Note – If you are newbie for blogging, download this WordPress SEO stater guide.

Comments are always appreciated !!

12 WebSites to Get FREE SEO Report for Competitors keyword

By sudharsan

January 11, 2011

One thing that all bloggers wants to check is, whether their SEO is correct or it need some changes for better rankings.  There are many tools available for SEO but unfortunately people don’t know how to use it effectively and they move towards paid SEO service which is 80% fake.

Your ranking is based on the keyword that you are targeting, suppose if you want to improve your SERP ranking for the keyword “Social media“, you must know your competitors and how much they are effective on SEO for that particular keyword.

Do Read5 Tools to Check and Analysis Backlinks

free SEO report analysis

So, before starting you must analyze your targeted keyword competitors and know their stats, then it will be easy for you leverage your rankings based on the report. To help you I had given some cool sites which will give 50-60% true report about your blog.

FREE SEO Report Includes….

Google Indexed Pages and Inbound Links

— Yahoo Inbound Links and Indexed Pages

— Bing Indexed Pages and Inbound Links

Alexa rank and inbound links

— DMOZ listing

— SiteAdvisor Rating

— Keywords Report

Social Media Presence.

— Competitor Analysis

— Meta data Quality

— Domain Info

These are the common factor which included in this FREE SEO report, General procedure to get your free report is,

Goto website > Enter your website URL > keyword that you want to analysis for your blog > Your email id > Hit Enter.

1. FreeSEOreport [ Highly recommended ]

2. D.I.Y SEO report card.

3. Esolute

4. W3optimizer

5. Website Grader

6. SEO scores

7. Spydermate [ Signup required ]

8. Metamend SEO test

9. Pear analytics

10. Active web Groups

11. Deanarrow Report

12. First place Listings Report