google adsense 728*90 / Search the web at 3G Speed [Slashtag powered]

By sudharsan

April 27, 2011
google adsense 336*280

I found a new search engine yesterday while surfing, – which claims that it can search the web 3 times faster than any instant search engines do. By looking at the title, I thought it will be like bleeko – a search engine powered by slashtags and facebook integrations, but the difference between blekko and is, blekko trying to include slashtags into their search algorithm but has no algorithm, it simple forwards you to the sites which can give you the best results for your search query.

slashtags logo

How Works

Another cool features of this site is, you can search your personal documents like gmail, dropbox, evernote etc., when you are logged in to that account, a similar greplin like service.

For example, if you need to search site rankings in alexa, normally you will go to alexa site and type the URL of the website or you will type “websitename” + Alexa in google search. Now by using this slashtag powered search engine, you will be directed in a single search to appropriate page by a single query.

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Go to and type technoskillonline /alexa to get my Alexa rank.

slashtags search

At present it allows you to search through only 60 slashtags but it can be extended soon, there is an option to suggest slashtags for some popular sites you know. – Speed Test

> Read more about the site from here – slashtag.it_faq

> Click here to make a default search engines of your browser.

Google Prediction of future till the year 2101 [Infographics]

By sudharsan

April 23, 2011

Prediction of future is very  popular all over the world, whether people are enjoying their present life or not they are eager to know about the future. Mayan calender & Nostradamus prediction are very popular and lots of people believing that, the world will end in 2012 and the recent japan earthquake is the beginning of End.

But do you know what Google says about the future, an infographics created by shows us what will happen for the next 90 years till 2101.

google prediction of future_infographics
< click image to enlarge >

Things you need to know about “Google +1″ & its features

By sudharsan

April 1, 2011

Few days back, Google launched long awaited and rumored google +1 for the users, an additional features to its social and personalized search. Use +1 to give something your public stamp of approval, so your friends, contacts, and others can find the best stuff when they search.

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Get recommendation from your friends while you search in google to get high valuable results from your social circle. To gain full advantage of this + button, you must have an optimised google profile for social search.

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google +1 logo

How to Enable & Disable Google +1

By default it will not available in your Google profile, you have to activate Google +1 in your profile manually.

— Sign into your google profile.

— Go to Google experiment search page and click  ‘Join this experiment‘ of Google +1.

— Now search results started to show +1 button at the end of the SERPs links. (available only on

— Share your favorite links with your social circle while you search in google, links you +1 will  be displayed in a separate tab of your google profile to the whole world. By default it will not show your +1 shares to others, you have to activate the settings.

Go to google profile > edit profile > +1’s tab section > “tick mark” and save the settings.

+1's settings tab

b. To disable Google +1

Goto My account > edit settings of  “+1 on non-Google sites” > click disable & save the settings.

2. Google +1 Button for your blogs and website

google +1 share button (icon)

At present it is available only in SERP page but it will be extended to all bloggers (publishers) as a share button like what we have for twitter (tweetmeme) and Fb share button for facebook.

— If you’d like to be notified when it’s available, sign up here.

Create & share Animated, CG videos with youtube/create

By sudharsan

March 29, 2011

Few days back, youtube adds 3 popular animation tools in its new section called youtube/create, which let users to create and share high quality animated videos and publish into their youtube account.

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1. Xtranormal Movie Maker

xtranormal icon logoXtranormal lets you to turn anything you type into a fully-animated CG movie. Set up your scene, type in your script, and animate it instantly.

2. Stupeflix Video Maker

Stupeflix Video Maker logo

Tell a story with your digital content. Mix pictures, videos, maps, text, music and watch Stupeflix produce a stunning video in a few seconds.

3. GoAnimate

goanimate logo

GoAnimate is a fun app that lets you make animated videos, for free, in just 10 minutes, without having to draw. You can even create your own cast of characters.

6 Infographics Visualizing the impact by Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

By sudharsan

March 17, 2011

Earthquake of Magnitude of 8.8 hits coastline of japan island honshu triggered Tsunami waves, which hits japan coastline very badly leads to the death of 15k people so far, this earthquake is one of the worst crisis since second world war 2 on Japan. Experts says, precautionary measures taken by Japan government had reduced the death rate, if the same magnitude of earthquake hits on any other countries it would had become the worst natural disaster on this planet.

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ISO approved tsunami sign japan

Here I mentioned some of the infographics which give you the clear picture about the disaster and how it impact the other parts of the earth.

1. Disaster in Japan

disaster in japan

2. An Earthquake global reach

an earthquake global reach

3. Facebook Status update density

Animated infographic, showing the density of Facebook status updates from each region in the first 12 hours after the tsunami hits Japan.

facebook status update density japan

4. Radiation Danger from Quake damaged Nuclear power plant

radiation dancger from wuake damaged power plant

5. Japan Nuclear Reactor

japan nuclear reactor

6. Quick impact on Japanese Nuclear power plants

quick impact on japanese NPPs





Rrrewind: Browse the Archives of the Popular Social Media sites

By sudharsan

March 15, 2011

Are you passionate in knowing about day to day trends and news around popular social media sites,  but how will you monitor if you are offline for vacation or for any personal work ? You can get the news from blogs because blog usually have their own archive pages but there is no such things in sites like digg, reddit etc.,

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rrrewind logo

Rrrewind is a wayback machine to browser through all popular stories, trends, images and videos from popular site like hulu, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Digg etc., By surfing through the archive page of any site in Rrrewind you can able to update your self about popular trends and news on that day.

rrrewind screenshot

Google to Delete all “private Google profiles” after July 31

By sudharsan

March 15, 2011

Yes, its true. A topic from Google profiles clearly says that Google is going to delete  all the private profiles after july 31, 2011. But what is the need now to delete those private profiles ?

From recent social updates and improvements from Google, its very clear that Google profile will become one of the best online identity for a person in future. Google social search features and personalization search will be possible only through social profiles links that you shared in G.profiles.

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google delete

If a user don’t want to make the profile visible to public and search bots then then what is the need of creating it and making it as another dummy and spammy account in their server ?

Google says

The purpose of Google Profiles is to enable you to manage your online identity. Today, nearly all Google Profiles are public. We believe that using Google Profiles to help people find and connect with you online is how the product is best used. Private profiles don’t allow this, so we have decided to require all profiles to be public.

Keep in mind that your full name is the only required information that will be displayed on your profile; you’ll be able to edit or remove any other information that you don’t want to share.

If you currently have a private profile but you do not wish to make your profile public, you can delete your profile. Or, you can simply do nothing. All private profiles will be deleted after July 31, 2011.

Recent changes suggest that google is going to launch a “big update” within this may 2011. Already O’Reilly Media founder Tim O’Reilly  confirmed the existence of  new social platform from Google. The question is, whether it will be a facebook killer or a social layer to all its products ?

Google Profiles gets a new Look – A Facebook Profile clone

By sudharsan

March 3, 2011

Google has added loads of features to its existing google profiles page, it seems exactly like facebook profile page. They had copied everything from facebook includes recent photos at top, profile photos at left corner, a neat home page design etc., Whether the billion dollars company runs out of idea for designing their profile pages ?!! What is the need to copy from facebook ?

Google may thought that redesigning the page like FB profile may attract users and makes easier for them to edit the information and also they can get full information about person from a single page, anyways this new look is far better than the old one.

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google profile new look

Do you like this new re-design ?

Indian Internet History – A Look back 1998-2010 [Infographics]

By sudharsan

February 25, 2011

India, 2nd most populated country in the world which had only 25k internet users in the year 1998, can u believe it ? But now, the  stats crossed over 100+ million internet users at the end of 2010 ! Increase in internet users is a good sign of our development progress as internet will be the ultimate business tool.

Here is a small infographics about the India internet stats, visualize about how we are in the year 1998 and how we developed step by step over years + some additional information about the popular browser, OS, search engines etc., in India so far.

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indian internet history infographics

<-click the image to enlarge->

via – (Eyedealab)

Google Recipe Search: The Nxt Generation Recipe Guide is ready

By sudharsan

February 25, 2011

Yesterday, google introduced Recipe view to it’s search, a new way of finding delicious recipe using google. In traditional search, you have to give all the information that you need to search for recipe like ingredients, cook time, calorie preferences, reviews & ratings  to get more relevant results.

Updates – Google introduced “Social search features” (personalized search).

google recipe search

But now Google makes recipe search more easier than before, look at the screen shot below for further updates.

recipe search

Note — At present this is only available for, you can’t see this features in other language homepages but you can access it via Google recipe landing page.

1. Type any ingredients or recipe name, click Recipes on left sidebar (Google will display all possible recipes related to your search with reviews and ratings)

2.  Filter or refine the search using ingredients, cook time and calories using the options available on left sidebar.