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Hands Symphony – Hidden power of Hands to Make Incredible Music

By sudharsan

June 25, 2010

Just imaging what all the things you can do with your hands. Off course, without hands we cant do anything in this world. Do you tried it for making some good music ??

Music with hands ? Is it possible ?

create music with hands

Manualism, is the Art of making sounds[music] using your hands. Just by squeezing air through the hands you can make incredible music.

Hands Symphony is cool website, where you can make your own music with your hands. Just by clicking or mixing various patterns of sounds made by hands, you can become a good Manualist.

You can also send your own track of music that you’ve created, to all of your friends and have some Maja with them. 😛

DownloadHand Symphony Application for I-phone

Scan Social – Must for a Digg Addict !!

By sudharsan

April 24, 2010

Scan social is a web 2.0 tool which tracks the hottest trend of each category in digg and helps us to browse through our friends Diggs without registration

scan social

5 Reason for choosing Scan social :-

— You can view the hottest trend in each categories of Digg.

— Just by giving your friends username you can able to view your friends  favorites and the recently dug topics without registration

— Easy to use and very secure

— Free of Cost

— web 2.0 Technology

— You can bookmark Hottest and your friends Digg directly from this website by signup with scan social

Need more Questions you can contact the Author..



Abuse Them – Abuse anyone Anonymously Here!

By sudharsan

April 19, 2010

Do you hate your Boss?

Hate your neighbor?

Angry with this selfish world.
Do u hate J.Bush ?? You don’t need shoes anymore.. ha ha

Here come great solutions

abuse anyone anonymously

Abuse them is a cool website to reduce your stress by giving you a chance to Abuse the person whom you hate very much. It lets you to write about anybody in the world anonymously without any restrictions.

Actually we are forced to control our anger and it indirectly
accumulates stress on our mind. Abuse them creates a platform to free your stress by abusing the person indirectly.

AbuseThem was created by Fooble and Shan, so if you wish
you can contact the creators to know more about AbuseThem and its feature.

Contact @Fooble here
Contact @shan here

Duckduckgo – Spice your Search & Lots more…

By sudharsan

February 18, 2010

duckduckgo new search engine

What is duckduckgo ? Anything deals with Duck ??

This is the question which waves through your mind when you see the title..

Duckduckgo is a new search engine that i’ve found yesterday while surfing… It’s not only a search engine it provides a lot more information and make your surfing easier….

new search engine

Features :-

Optimize your Blog for desired Keyword :-

Now you can optimize your blog for any keyword that you desired by placing a widget like me see the sidebar of my blog for widget..

spice your search with search engine

I don’t know how much it can optimize but you can Try..

click here to optimize your blog

More info sites –

duckduckgo google alternative

Categorizing your queries is the new feature that i’ve ever seen in any search engine. This provide information about what excatly you are seeking for….

For example :

If an end user wanted to know about Apple(fruits) and when he search in Google by the query “Apple” he will be annoyed on seeing the result


Top SERP will be filled up with, ipdad..etc., not Apple fruits what he is actually looking

Isn’t it..?

Remember the word Apple not only deals with a company name it also deals with Fruits,eating items,pop albums…etc.,

while searching the query “Apple” via Duckduckgo it will show the result in different category where the terms Apple deals with ….

Click here to see the results in Duckduckgo..

Parental control

NO result will found on “SEX” so parental control is embedded

More shopping sites

duckduckgo revolution in search

This will provide information about shopping, buyandsell, Business related
things that matches your search Query

Karma and Profile Widget –

This features help a Bloggers to show their Social profile that they are linked…

Example see my profile widget :

From a new search engine

click here to get the widget

There are lot of more features are there in Duchduckgo.

Visit once and share your experience here

Death timer !!

By sudharsan

January 7, 2010

Know your death dateWant to know your death date or of your dear ones…!?

Deathtimer will show you how long will u survive in this materialistic world.

All u need is to visit the website & answer some simple questions…

Invisible Status Checker-(yahoo,msn,hotmail,gmail,ICQ,etc.,)

By sudharsan

December 22, 2009

<em>invisible status checker</em>Now you can check who is invisible in all top networks like  (yahoo, hotmail, msn(live), gmail, etc.,). Here is a list of cool website which can check who is invisible in chat.

Btinternet check who is invisible in these following

Msn, Hotmail, Yahoo, Jabber, Aim, Icq, Myspace, Skype,

pindionline check who is invisible in these following

Msn, Yahoo, Icq, Aim, Trillian

Yourmaindomain, joy2day, joytonight, blockstatus check who is invisible in these following

Yahoo, AIM, ICQ , Hotmail, Msn, Live

Give a new look GOOGLE home page

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
<i>Give new look to your homepage</i>

Give new look to your homepage

Now its time to give new look to your google homepage

Getting bored of seeing the traditional google home page & looking for customizing it..

In A6 you can give any themes for your google home page & make it beautiful than before

1–> visit the website

2–> click a new themes from categories

3–> click the themes that you want to make as a google home page..

That’s it…!!

Preview of website A6 :-

<i>new look to google home page</i>

new look to google home page

Njoy surfing the net with new customized google homepage…..

Watch preview your website in 60+ browser

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
<i>watch preview of your website in 60+ browser</i>

watch preview of your website in 60+ browser

Now you can watch the preview of any website or your website in 60+ browser using browser shot

1–> If you create a new blog or website of your own & want to publish it in online, you must make sure that your website works in all types of browser, bcoz all internet user will not use the same browser & OS.

2–> Moreover the themes & javascript installed in your website may not work in all types of browser

Installing all types of browser in your computer & testing in it is a fake & time consuming it is good to test drive your website to make sure that all your script & themes in your website is working in all types browser or not.

wat to do ????

browsershot which offers you to test & see preview your website in 60+ browser !!!

browser shot

browser shot

Before running your website officially  make a test drive of your website…

Bonus tricks for you :-

1-> browsercam

2-> browserpool

3-> crossbrowsertesting

Njoy the preview of your website