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Iomoio – Download Cheap & Legal MP3 Songs

By maran

July 15, 2011
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Iomoio is popular mp3 download site on web, you can see many website which offers you free downloads of music but if you hear the songs, you cant get the actual quality of the songs.

But the songs you download from Iomoio will be equal to original quality of  the song. Mp3 music download from Iomoio is at a rate of  $4, there is also a options to download individual tracks for just $0.15 cents. Iomoio has a huge database of about 55k artists, 150k albums, 1759k tracks and 12k GB storage, with more than 1 million tracks, you can find almost any song of your choice.

iomoio logo

Before buying a song, you can listen to a preview of the song for one minutes, if you are satisfied with the quality of the song, you can start downloading it. On their homepage, they feature some of the top albums of countries like UK, USA etc., and new albums & best seller listings that makes easier for user to listen and download their favorite music easily.

They are regularly hosting a weekly giveaway of  “unlimited access account” for the users, eligibility for the giveaway is $100.  If you win the giveaway, you can download any song or any album for lifetime free. Iomoio account is free to all but you need to provide your credit card or any payment details to them. This will be useful for you to get in touch with Iomoio support, and gaining bonus and discounts points in future.

The account on web site is absolutely free, moreover you will receive $0.32 bonus after confirmation of your e-mail address, that’s enough to purchase 2 music tracks or songs of your choice on their website.

Discount/bonus Offers

There is a bonus system only for Iomoio members,  every time you make a new payment or purchase a song, a certain bonus amount is added to your account everytime.

$96 + $96 Bonus
$32 + $16 Bonus
$48 + $32 Bonus

If you are not satisfied with the songs, you can request them to send a request to them with a valid reason, so you money will be returned back to you.

To be frank, Iomoio is the best place on web to download mp3 songs.

How Bloggers can Unlock Mobile Internet Dongles

By Spencer

July 11, 2011

Many people have experienced the frustration of having their mobile phone “locked” to prevent usage with a different cell phone service provider. This problem has been well documented when it comes to mobile phones. A similar problem can occur, however, with mobile internet dongles. While a locked internet dongle may seem difficult to unlock, by exploring a few different options you can unlock a locked dongle relatively easily (and cheaply)!

unlock mobile internet dongles

unlock mobile internet dongles

An internet dongle is simply a device that must be connected to a computer in order to access the internet. Typically a dongle comes in the form of a USB that contains a SIM card (similar to a cell phone). Unfortunately, you may sometimes find that your internet dongle is not functioning properly. This may be because the internet dongle is “locked” in an attempt to force you to choose only one internet provider. In order to determine whether your dongle is locked you should install the free program DC-Unlocker on your computer. After installation remove the SIM card from your dongle, plug the dongle back into the computer, and open the program. Then select the appropriate dongle model from the list, and then run the program to determine whether your dongle is locked.

If your internet dongle is not locked it is likely you have some other issue with your device. If your dongle is locked, however, you can pursue a couple of options to unlock it:

vodafone dongle

1. Contact your internet provider

Contacting your internet provider may potentially be the easiest option. Many internet providers will provide you with an unlock code for free, or a small fee. When you put a new SIM card into your internet dongle you will be prompted to enter the code. After you enter the code your dongle should function properly.

2. Install generic software

If you are not prompted for a code, or your internet provider does not give you an unlock code; another free option is to install generic software. This procedure involves replacing the dashboard application you use to connect with new generic software. This software can be downloaded on the DC-Unlocker website. After you install this new software (and delete your old software) your dongle should work.

3. Pay for an unlocking service

If the other two options do not work and you are willing to pay to unlock your internet dongle, you can search online for an unlock code from an online store. You can search on websites such as eBay, which generally will email you the unlock code and instructions on how to properly use it.

There are other options as well, such as implementing a new firmware package for your dongle. These options are relatively technically intense and may take a significant time compared to a professional fix. Regardless of which option you choose to use, however, unlocking your internet dongle will help ensure that you are back online before you know it.

Guest post

Guest Article from Spencer Hogg at Broadband Expert where you can search and compare mobile internet dongles.

Popular & Free MP3 Search Engine

By sudharsan

July 9, 2011

There is a saying that, there is no one in the world who hate music, it may be a melody songs or a rock music albums, everyone in the world is addicted to music. It’s not like before, to buy music cd and dvd’s from shop, there are tons of songs already available on internet, all you need is a good mp3 search engine that can able index all music on web.

mp3 songs logo

Mp3-2000, is popular and free mp3 search engine website, that indexes and organizes all music that has been available legally on Internet.They have a huge database loaded with free mp3 files that are available worldwide on internet, so no need for you search it on Google, you can get it all at one place.


—  Listen to any of the mp3 files returned in the results before you hit download button.

— Search through Alphabetical Order.

— You can narrow search by artist, albums, songs etc.,

— Over 1 Million songs indexed

— If you have your own album or download link of any songs, you can upload it to for free.

— No registration required.

— Get the list of most searched MP3 songs worldwide.

World Music Charts contains a list of top 10 popular albums on different categories.

There are thousands of music search engines on internet, but mp3-2000 will be one of the best among them.

General Files – A Simple File Sharing Search Engine

By maran

July 9, 2011

General files, is a simple file search engine where you can get over 200+ million files from popular file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile etc., and it has around 20k registered users. You can get all types of files such as .PDF, eBooks, .doc, mp3, videos etc., at one place.

file search logo

Anyone can upload their download links to this site so other users can enjoy the files and they will also be encouraged to submit more files, they had deleted almost 100k files so far, so no chance of getting fake download links here.

The new features that I like in this site is, you can able to create custom alerts for the files you need. For example, if you need “Pro Blogger eBook“, just create an alerts for it, you will be notified instantly via mail.

create custom alert

Future Implementations

They are planning to increase and pay attention to community related options and features that makes users to tell them what features they like to have in their websites. They are also working on bonus system for more active users, more time you spend on this site you can earn more bonus points to unlock some cool premium features. By adding your friends to this site you can able to view their activities in “friend feed” section.

Like +1 Button: Share Post on Google +1’s & facebook Simultaneously

By sudharsan

June 20, 2011

A few weeks back, I had shared about Google +1 and Google +like button which allows you to share any web links from search engine result pages easily. Today, webmynd, a cross platform addon development team, had developed a new browser extension, Like +1, which give you the function of both facebook like and Google +1.

like +1 logo

If you install this addon in your browser, facebook like button will turns out to be “like +1” button, so whenever you like +1 any web page, you likes will be automatically posted to facebook as well as in Google +1 profile, so you can post an article on two different sites simultaneously in a single click.

like +1 button function

Like +1 Article Posted both in Google and Facebook Profile.

google +1 and like +1via – Techcrunch

Manage Your Online Identity with Google “Me on the Web” Dashboard

By sudharsan

June 17, 2011

Google has added a new tool to its Google dashboard, Me on web, which enables you to manage your online reputation & identity on web and it also encourage others to create Google profile to show their online presence.

google business card

The left side navigation shows your social media profile links connected to your Google profiles which will be useful for Google social circles to search within your friends circle. At the right side, there are options to manage your online presence. You can set up alerts for your name that allows you to track your mentions, post etc., on web. In this you can set your name like “Sudharsan G“, phone number, email address etc., as your alerts, if anyone shared or mentioned those links and data in their blog or social profiles, you will be notified instantly.

google manage personal alerts

“Your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you — whether a mention in a blog post, a photo tag or a reply to a public status update. When someone searches for your name on a search engine like Google, the results that appear are a combination of information you’ve posted and information published by others”Google says.

Here are some ways to manage your online identity ,how to remove personal content or data of yours from Google and some recommendations from Google to control your reputation online.

Comming Soon: Google Search by using Images as Search Query, Instant pages etc.,

By sudharsan

June 15, 2011

Google, frequently updates new features for the users. Recently, they announced panda update to its search algorithm to fight content farm sites and they had improved Google image search by adding 3 unique features.

google inside search logo

Today, at “Inside Search” events, Google announced some amazing features to its search, such as voice search, new mobile interface & using images as search query. The last one is very cool and its proves how efficient Google is at technology. Now you can able to search using images (images as search query), if you drag any images, say “Obama” in search box, Google will identify the image and it automatically shows relevant results about Obama. :)

image as search query

These new features will be rolled out within few days, I think it will be available only in English version ( slowly it will be rolled out to other countries.

Google Instant Pages

What is Instant pages ? Few month back Google announced instant previews – search as you type, in Google search, now Google extends instant features for loading websites that are in top position in SERP. It will pre load all images, executable files and java scripts files of the website which is at no.1 position for a search query, when a user perform a search & click the result, website will load within a fraction of seconds without any delay, watch this video to know how Google instant page will works.

> It is available only in Chrome browser.

> It will be available in mobile device shortly.

Thanks – Techcrunch

3 Recent Improvements by Google to its Image Search

By sudharsan

May 10, 2011

After bringing social layers to its search, Google now made some changes to its popular image search engine, from where most of the image has been downloaded & shared online. A few months back, Google drops page navigation and brings auto loading of image while scrolling down, this make searching images faster than before. Now it has updates 3 unique and useful features for the users.

Must read – The “ALT” Guide for Image Optimization.

search icon png

1. Sort by categories

google sort by relevance

Before, there is only a suggestion link at the top, below the search box, now when you click the “sort by categories” button, Google displays a series of images according to the categories, it provides user to get better results from google image search.

2. Upload date

google image search by upload date

Displays the published date of that image to make easier for users to find right & fresh images as possible.

2. Displays Image size

Now you can Browse images through their size because images may be of different sizes and the purpose of using image differ on their sizes. By clicking the zies you can able to view the image size dimension so its easy to pick rich image. This will surely help you in differentiating images between logos, icons, wallpapers etc.,

image search by size

35 Infographics about OSAMA Timeline, Unfolded Geronimo Raid & his Social Waves

By sudharsan

May 5, 2011

Finally, Osama Saga has come to an end on last Sunday by American seals (Soldiers) in front of his family in Pakistan. Social media plays a big part in unfolding the news to public, some twitter users in Abbottabad unknowingly LIVE tweeted about the Osama raid in twitter, so his death news started to leak in twitter before confirmed by US officials.

Osama hide & seek king

His death triggered a huge social wave on all social medias, people started to share news, photos, videos about his death and some spammers capitalize the situation by spreading fake Osama death photos & spam fb applications. Within some hours, #osama becomes the trending topics on twitter. A poll conducted by mashable says 50% of people heard his death news from social sites than from televisions and other channels. :)

mashable poll

Virtual Video [ How Geronimo Raid was Done ]

1. Osama Bin Laden Birth to Death [Timeline]

osama bin laden timeline till death

via (Infographics archive)


via (vahomeloans)

2. Osama Bin Laden Profile

osama profile infographics

3. Breaking Down Bin Laden

osama breakdown infographics

4. Osama Impact on Social Media

osama social media impact

via (Mashable)

5. 30 Infographics about OSAMA & Geronimo Operations

osama geronimo raid

A great resource to know how American soldiers planned and executed the operations and some interesting information about “OSAMA compound” where he shot dead.

> Check out from here.

6. How Social Media React to Breaking news


via (ellynet)

7. Yahoo Searches for Bin Laden Spiked 98,550% on Sunday

Yahoo-Graphvia (Mashable)

8. Twitter User Live Tweets about Bin Laden Raid

9. Major Internet Traffic Spike

major internet spikevia (Mashable)

10. What the World is saying about his Death

via (Mashable)

BO.LT – Edit & Share any webpages easily in Realtime

By sudharsan

May 4, 2011

BO.LT, a page-sharing service that allow users to instantly copy, edit, customize and share any web page easily. In other words, it turns web pages into shareable objects just like how we now act with links, images and videos.

Do read – Some Interesting websites you should know.

BO.LT_logo png

It’s easy to start sharing!

> Copy & paste the URL of the webpage you have to edit, now your specified webpage will be cloned by

> A new short URL will be a created for cloned image for easy access & sharing.

> Start editing the page using the options, you don’t need to know any Photoshop or web design skills to edit the page, all you need to do is, utilize the options properly. After finishing your work, click DONE.

> Now your work is ready for download & sharing with your friends.

So, what Nxt ? tracking

> It allows you to track how much people clicked and viewed your edited webpage or image, its very similar to tracking service.