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Trick to create con, lpt1, aux, Pnr, nul folder

By sudharsan

December 25, 2009
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Tricks to create con, lpt1, aux, pnr, nul folderHere is a simple trick to create such folder named as con,aux, lpt1 etc.,

start -> Run -> type “cmd” without quotes & hit enter

1-> Type e: and hit enter


If you want to create this folder in e:\ drive type e:
for c:\ driver type c:
for d:\ drive type d:
for c:\ drive type c:

2-> Type mkdir .\con\\ and hit enter

That it !!!

Folder created !!

Open the drive that you mentioned above (e:)to see the folder :-)

In this example i have created this folder in e:\ drive of computer

If u have Guts !! create this folder !!!

By sudharsan

December 25, 2009

con,aux,pnr,lpt1, folder createThis is a real challenge for your Intelligence..

Really, if you have brilliance, create any one folder named as

1-> CON

2-> LPT1

3-> LPT2

4-> LPT3

5-> LPT4

6-> LPT5

7-> LPT6

8-> LPT7

9-> LPT8

10-> LPT9

11-> AUX

12-> Prn

13-> Nul

y we cannot create such folder, because these are the reserved names of windows OS..

But there is a Tricks to create con, lpt1, aux, pnr, nul folder, you can do it through command prompt only, once you create this folder it cannot be deleted in a normal ways….

A-Z computer troubleshoot & Assembling

By sudharsan

December 24, 2009

A-Z Pc repair book downloadsHow good it be, that one book tells us how to Assembling & troubleshooting the problems in computer !!?

A-Z computer troubleshoot & Assembling tells you to repair your computer from the mother board level, how to assemble the parts & answer some basic questions about computer..

In my view this is good book for beginners in hardware

This book covers :-

1–> Introduction to computer

2–> repair

3–> Upgrade

4–> Troubleshoot

5–> Assembling

6–> Data Back up

7–> Hardware & software Reviews

8–> Basic HOW to….. questions??

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Free “Godfather” Game – Full Version

By sudharsan

December 21, 2009

godfather game downloadsYou might have seen the film stunning “Godfather” which grabs many Oscar award in USA & also it is selected as world Top 100 films in 20th century by TIME Magazine..

This is the full version of the game “Godfather” just for technoskillonline users…

Playing the game will give as if you are re-living the situation in the movie godfather & the themes, sound quality, visualization of the games are Excellent.

Zipped size           — 500mb (downloading size)
when un-zipped –5GB

System Requirements :-

RAM       — 256 mb
Processor — pentium 4 (or) higher…

Download Link

Basic trick to become a hacker !!!

By sudharsan

December 20, 2009

basic step to become a hacker Now i will show how to create fake virus in your computer, this is a good computer & notepad tricks to play with your friends :-)

S, this is the initial step to become a  hacker…

1–> open “notepad”

Type the commands given in given below :-

@echo off
echo hello
echo im a virus
echo hurray !! im become a hacker

save the file as “.bat” extension

for example if your file name is “virus” save it as “virus.bat”

Hurray !!! i had created a virus !!

Chat with friends using Command Prompt !! Amazing tricks !!!!

By sudharsan

December 19, 2009

<i>chat using command prompt</i>Getting bored of chating with friends in yahoo messenger or in gtalk, here is an alternatives to gtalk & yahoo messengers…

This trick show you to chat with your friends using command prompt in your computer !!?

To perform this tricks all u need is

1–> know your friend IP address ( whom you want to chat )

2–> command prompt

HOw To chat :-

1–> open notepad & copy below code

@echo off
set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A

save it as “Messenger.bat”.

2–> Double click the “Messenger.bat” file that you had created now..

3–> Now command prompt will open automatically, displaying a message


After “User” type the IP address of the friend computer whom u want to chat..& Hit ENTER

chat using cmd

After this, you can see…


Its time to chat with you friend using command prompt !! simple is’nt it…

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Trick to display your NAME in taskbar…

By sudharsan

December 19, 2009

<i>dispaly your name in taskbar</i>This simple trick show you how to add your name in your taskbar.

Follow these steps :-

start -> controlpanel -> Regional & Language Options -> Customize -> Time

See the picture for info :-

step 1:-

<i>display name in task bar</i>

display name in task bar

step 2:-

<i>display in taskbar</i>

display in taskbar

step 3:-

<i>change of name in taskbar</i>

step 4:-

name in taskbar

In the AM & PM symbol box type your name eg:- sudharsan & hit OK button.

u’ve done it !!

Now look at task bar in your computer showing you name ( right side bottom corner )

Bill Gates doesn’t know why it happens !!?

By sudharsan

December 19, 2009
winword tricks

winword tricks

S, there are many things in the world that cannot be explained & this is also toooo

This is winword tricks which cannot be explained by anyone even !!

To know what it is Open Microsoft Word and type


& then Hit ENTER….see what happens…,

Forgot your BIOS Password ?

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
<i>Recover bios password</i>

Recover bios password

Here is a simple trick to retrieve your bios password when you forgot it ..

1–> Open your CPU panel

2–> In motherboard you can see a coin like silver color battery (3v)

3–> just remove it & wait 2 min

4–> Now replace your battery it same slot..

that’s it !?

U had retrieved your BIOS password !!

Now restart your computer ……

BSNL Wi-Fi Modem security tutor

By sudharsan

December 18, 2009
<i>bsnl wi-fi modem security</i>

bsnl wi-fi modem security

As we know that BSNL is N0.1 company in internet network, providing wide range of service all over india

As a result of this many Hackers wish to hack BSNL modems(wi-fi modems) & trying to misuse it by sending fake mails & other activities…

Do u know:-

Diaster on 26/11 in india which mainly involves hacking of WI-FI network of other id…

To prevent BSNL wi-fi Broadband modem’s like..

* Huawei MT 841
* Huawei WA 1003A
* UTSTAR WA 3002G4

To secure your modems download this tutor given below :-

BSNL modem security