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15 Cool & Usefull NotepaD Tricks to Play with your Friends

By sudharsan

October 1, 2010
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Notepad, one of the best text editor in the world. It is used for taking notes, writing codes etc., Have you tried it for playing with your friends.

Here is a Roundup Articles of my previous Notepad tricks collection of my blog. These tricks will show you what are the things you can do with your notepad.notepad tricks

1. Unlimited Downloads from Rapidshare and Megaupload

Here is a simple notepad tricks to download unlimited from Rapidshare, Megaupload file sharing websites.

2. Basic Trick to Become a Hacker !!!

Create fake virus in your computer, this is a good notepad tricks to play with your friends

3. Invisible folder

Make an invisible folder, so that no one can see your folder which is too personal 4 u. Its a good alternate for locking your personal files

4. Simple way to Shutdown your computer

Now u can shutdown your computer using notepad and say bye…. to tradition ways ( turn off) of closing your computer

5. Test Anti-virus Efficiency with Notepad

You can easily test your anti-virus program with a simple notepad trick, so that you can easily know the efficiency of your anti-virus program

6. Kill Your Enemy’s Computer

Its nothing but emptying the system32 folder of OS in your computer, so that your computer cannot boot b’coz system32 is essential folder which is needed for booting and all the core operation of OS.

7. Terminate Frozen Programs in a Seconds

You may have a chance to face a problem that “program not responding” error, while loading lot of data in windows. This trick will make full stop to such problems.

8. Frustrate Your Friend

You can frustrate your friend by showing repeated messages in the notepad, by following this simple notepad tricks.

9. Somebody stop Me..

By using this simple code given below you can make the notepad open continuously with non stop..

10. Make your CD Drive MAD

You can make your Cd-drive to open & close repeatedly.

11. Ghost Rider

Make your keyboard keys to type continuously (non-stop)

12. Toggle capslock continuously

It makes your capslock LED to blink continuously.

13. George Bush Tricks

This is another cool tricks with notepad.

14. 9/11 Attack in your PC

The flight that hit the world trade center is Q33n. Do you want make that 9/11 attack again, that too in your computer.

The flight that hit the world trade center is Q33n
Do you want make that 9/11 attack again, that too in your computer. follow these simple steps..

5 Quick Tips to Prevent yourself from Web Attacks

By srivathsan

September 22, 2010

This is a Guest Post written by Srivathsan G.K, a passionate blogger and editor of MadrasGeek.

Being a casual web surfer and an internet user, most of the time you search for solutions and seek the help desk because your system machine has infected and error warnings while browsing the web. You might have installed powerful antivirus or internet security suite, but that doesn’t mean that you can be involved in malicious activities. In fact you should be very careful while surfing the web and know some basic tips before getting yourself into trouble and protect yourself from web attacks.

Don’t become one among the web users who have become vulnerable. Most of the times, we users become prey to these injected codes because with out knowing the actual effects we are forced or prompted to install some executable files. So even you’re antivirus doesn’t detect it completely. As a internet user for past 3 to 4 years, I have self learned many things and experienced many hijacks, so from them am sharing some of tips to pre-caution yourself from these kind of web attacks.

Tip  #1

Keep your OS, browser, and browser plugins up-to-date. When you lack updating your browser and browser plugins, when ever you surf some websites, it prompts you to install some plugins which are malicious, so due to this you’re getting infected. Always keep your system and other neccessary tools up-to-date.

Tip #2

Run anti-virus software, and keep this up-to-date, too. Anti-virus, Internet security, PC repair and maintaince tools are very much needed. Get an All in one Antivirus Internet security suite, so that it protects your system as well as your online web life. Make sure, you get an Original licensed version of these tools and so that it will be updated to the latest one. Investing in these kind of tools are worthy and must. Buying a original antivirus software lets you to update to the latest version and thereby it protects you from the latest threats that are shaking all around the web. Personally I strongly recommend to go with Kaspersky Antivirus + Internet security suite.

Tip #3

Disable or uninstall any software or browser plug-ins you don’t use – this reduces your vulnerability surface. Keeping an unused software or uninstalling the software program in irregular way (like not using the proper uninstall button and straight away deleting the program files folder as such) will lead to registry errors and makes your system to face web attacks and other issues.

Tip #4

Suppose If you receive a PDF attachment in Gmail, select “View” to view it in Gmail Google docs instead of downloading it. If you want to edit those files, you can do it directly over Google docs. So don’t download anything from mail which comes from untrustable sources.

Tip #5

Sometimes you may face hack attacks and phishing attacks (fake pages) make sure you visit your bank authorised websites which are showing with HTTPS (SSL certified websites). When ever you login to any website, just check once the address bar and make sure you enter into correct website with correct URL. For eg : suppose if you’re entering into your bank website say, and never enter your credentials into wrong phishing pages like

So these are some basic tips for beginners who browse the web and tech savvy people do share you tips here so that other people get benefited.

Play “Deal or No Deal” Game in Command Prompt !!

By sudharsan

May 23, 2010

Deal or No deal is a very popular game show rocking in Sun TV. It is the Tamil version of the Irish Endemol’s Game show.

deal or no deal in computer
Now you can also play this game in your computer via command prompt. This is a good Computer tricks for command prompt

Short intro about the Game

The contestants will be allowed to choose any one of the 26 suitcases, not knowing the value inside the suitcase. From there on, the contestant’s objective is to walk away with maximum possible amount of money through a process of opening the other 25 boxes and deciding to “deal or not to deal” with the mysterious [selfish tooo..he he] banker, who offers to buy the contestant’s suitcase offering varying amounts of cash at different stages throughout the show. By playing this game you have a chance to win 50 lakhs

How to Play ??

— just download this Notepad file — Deal or No deal

— Save it as “deal or no deal.bat” extension.

— and click the .exe of the file u had created now…

That’s it

Start playing and earn more and more virtual money…cheers !! :-p

TeraCopy – Copy all Files at Lightning Speed

By sudharsan

March 24, 2010

Teracopy is new software which helps you to copy all files, folders, images of your computer at lightning fast speed.

TeraCopy Pro utility specially designed to copy / move files quicker and more secure. you can also resume copying file where you want.

teracopy copy files at lightning fast

Once you installed this application, it will completely replace the explorer copy and start to function  automatically whenever you copy files….

Features :

— Lightning fast copy files

— Pause and resume of copying files

— Automated error recovery, if any problem occured in Downloading  multiple files, it will not skip the whole process of downloading

— Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.

— Automated function, it will start functioning automatically whenever you copy files in your computer

—  Fix problem, after copying the multiple files, it shows failed transfer file list, so that you can delete or re-copy failed transfer files at next time.

Download links :-

Official download link

Trick to Remove Thumbs.db File in your Computer

By sudharsan

March 10, 2010

Thumbs.db is a small cache file of the current picture in that directory. To remove it do the following trick…

thumb.db remover - how to

Steps to Follow :

— Open “Windows Explorer”

— Goto “Tools”

— Open “Folder OPtions”

— Goto “View”

— Select “File and folders”


That’s it..

Now the Thumbs.db file will be removed from your computer and cannot be created back

Unlimited Download from Rapidshare, Megaupload, – Notepad tricks

By sudharsan

February 28, 2010

Here is a simple notepad tricks to download unlimited from Rapidshare, Megaupload file sharing websites.

Do read10+ Trick for unlimited Downloads from Megaupload and Rapidshare

unlimited download from rapidshare megaupload

Copy the code given below in notepad :-

@echo off
echo ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /flushdns
echo ipconfig /release
ipconfig /release
echo ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /renew

and save it as “technoskillonline.bat”

Now click on this file every time you download a file from Rapidshare and Megaupload

That’s it…

N’joy unlimited downloads from Rapidshare and Megaupload..

Play Movies & Videos in MS-Paint – Simple trick..

By sudharsan

February 28, 2010

How to play a movies and videos  in MS-paint. Here is a nice tricks to play videos in paint. Just follow the simple instructions…

play movies and videos in paint

Steps to follow :-

— Play any video in your computer

— Hit the “Print screen” Button on the keyboard

— Open Ms-paint and press ctrl+V (paste key)

Note :
while doing this the video should be played and not to be paused or stopped…

That’s it…

You make the video to play it on your Ms-paint…

MAC Address commands – For all Operating system

By sudharsan

January 15, 2010

We had already discussed about what is Mac address ? and  how to know Mac address of your computer in win-xp

Here, i had presented a list commands on how to know Mac address in different Os

Mac address commands for all os

Currently i can’t show you the  procedure to know your MAC address  because i’m using only windows operating system, i don’t have any awareness about other operating system

List of commands :-

Linux ->  ifconfig -a

Unix -> ifconfig -a

Solaris -> /sbin/ifconfig -a

Free Bsd & Net Bsd -> ifconfig -a

Open Bsd -> netstat -in

OpenUNIX/SCO UnixWare -> ndstat

HP unix -> /usr/sbin/lanscan

SGI unix -> netstat -ia

For more information & procedure you can refer here

Know MAC Address of your computer

By sudharsan

January 8, 2010

mac address It is a globally unique address for every LAN or Network card in your computer like IMEI number in Mobile phones..

To know your MAC address do the following :-

1-> Start -> Run -> type “cmd” without quotes

2-> Now type ipconfig/all & Hit enter..

know mac address of your pc

Free 2500+ PNG Icons – Super downloads !!

By sudharsan

December 29, 2009
free 2500+ png icon downloads

Hi Guys..

In daily life working with computer, icons are very useful because it stands as a symbol for content which is in the folder

For example :-

Png icon downloads

Recycle Bin contains unwanted deleted folder, so icon for Recyclebin is “Dustbin” icon

Uses of Icons :-

1-> Easy identification of content in a folder

2-> Attractive purpose

3-> Webmasters & Bloggers use it for Favicon & use inside their post

Here i gave a Huge collections(2660+ icons set) of PNG format Icons exclusively for uuuuu

Size — 64 x 64px.

[ Link Removed ]