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Why A/B Testing Could Be Your Smartest Move This Year

By Anto dominic

July 27, 2011
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What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a process that uses one control and compares it to something else that is identical to the control, except for one variable that has been changed. The critical part of A/B testing is to make sure that there is only one variable that is changed, during the testing. For a website, the control would be one element of the website. As an example, the control might be an image on the website that is used as an advertisement. When clicked the website receives revenue.


To conduct A/B testing on this element, the website owner would change one element of the image. As an example, they might choose to put a colored border around the image. So, the control would be the image alone. The object to be tested would be the image with a colored border around it. During the time of testing, the image is monitored to see which image produces the most clicks. A more detailed explanation is available here on A/B testing and how it compares to other forms of testing.

How is A/B Testing Used?


The website owner conducts A/B testing to find out which variables can be changed to make an element produce the greatest number of clicks, possible, from the traffic that already visits the website. Although A/B testing is used on one element and one variable at the time, the website owner can conduct many of these tests, over a series of time to find out the best combination of variables for each element on the page. In doing this, the website owner can guarantee that the website is optimized to bring in the greatest number of clicks possible.

How Does A/B Testing Help a Website?

Many website owners have a good understanding of the process of generating targeted traffic for  their website. The numbers of visitors that come to the website can be a source of pride. And, it becomes even better when a few of those visitors decide to click on revenue producing ads. But, it is a known fact that it might be only a small percentage of those visitors who end up clicking on the revenue producing ads. If the website owner is only gathering targeted traffic, then the only way to generate more revenue is to bring in massive amounts of more targeted traffic and hope they click on revenue producing ads.

But, with A/B testing, the website owner can be more sure that the visitors to the site will be more likely to click on the ads. So, A/B testing provides a more reliable way to ensure that more visitors click on revenue producing ads. This method of generating revenue is much more efficient than just blindly gathering traffic and hoping they end up clicking on the ads.

How to get started ?


Start by listing the elements on your site that generate revenue, e.g. clicks on banners, affiliate links or clicks on ‘but now’ buttons for products you sell. Next list the elements on the that could influence buying behaviour, for example the title of the page, the size, color and placement of the ‘buy now’ button and images plus the text used on a sales page are all factors that could contribute to a visitor deciding whether or not they buy from you or click a link. Once you know what you want to test you can start A/B testing free of charge thanks to Google’s Website Optimizer. Website Optimizer is not only free it’s relatively easy to use and provides some great tutorial videos to get you started.

Why A/B Test?

If you are a website owner, you could spend a lot of time, trying to drive traffic to your site. Granted, if that traffic is targeted, there might be a higher chance that they will be interested in your particular product on your site. However, the brutal truth is that the majority of those visitors may not be inclined to click on your revenue producing ads. So, you could spend even more time, trying to generate even more and more traffic. But, since only a small percentage of the new traffic will click the ads, the amount of traffic needed to generate the required revenue could be massive.


A better use of some of that time could be spent conducting A/B testing on the elements of the website. By optimizing the entire website to entice visitors to click, you will be causing your website to generate even more income and make the most out of your existing visits. This method can be much more efficient for generating revenue than to just blindly try to bring in more traffic. If your dream is to use your website to generate revenue and support yourself, then A/B testing could be your smartest move this year. The results could prove to be exactly what is needed to fully monetize your website.

Author Bio :-

This is a guest post written by Anto Dominic, who writes for Techiesniffer.

6 Ways To Manage Your Blogging Schedule

By vijay

July 25, 2011

There is no answer for a question like this “how often you blog”. But it is the blogger who must know how often he/she can blog in order to plan his schedule in order to optimize the time he have. There are many bloggers whose primary activity is other than blogging. So it is a good idea to manage one’s blogging schedule upfront.

1. Prepare a posting schedule

Many of us procrastinate that there is hardly any time for blogging due their daily busy schedule. It is the duty of the blogger to find some time for blogging. One can find sufficient time even for blogging; all he has to do is prepare some time schedule (in advance). The blogger has to budget how often he will blog, how much free time is available and how long he will blog posts. Depending upon all the above criteria one can prepare a posting schedule and manage their time efficiently and effectively.

2.Take help from others

Bloggers whose primary activity is other than blogging finds little bit of time for blogging and maintain their blog. It is a very good idea to take some help from others when he finds no time to blog himself. There are many people around us who can give a helping hand to maintain our blogs in the form of friends, families, co-workers, etc. It is the duty of the blogger to give some directions at the time he takes help from others.

3. Schedule your posts in advance

There are times where one can find no time at all to blog. There are many reasons for being busy to find no time for blogging. One of those reasons which occur frequently is leaving on your trips. Before going to tours, which are unavoidable, one has to write all those posts and schedules them the way they would like to post.

4.Take assist of other bloggers

There are many bloggers who are ready to help to post some of their articles in our blog; all we have to do is request them. It is the duty of the blogger to find those bloggers who are like minded. One can find bloggers who are like minded by reading articles of other bloggers and bookmark mark them if necessary. One can even find guest bloggers from the community or even from friends and families.

5.Blogging while traveling

With the rapid growth in technology one can find some time for blogging while they travel. There are many gadgets around us which can be used to blog even when we travel. Some of those gadgets are notebooks, iPad, smart phones, etc. one can even use internet cafes on the go, which can be found anywhere.

6. Be flexible with the blogging schedule

There are times where one finds that the entire schedule we prepared doesn’t go according to our ways. It is good to be cautious and flexible regarding to our schedule and be prepared if there are any upsets. It is a better option to have few articles ready in advance.

Author Info :

Spencer Belkofer has been working in marketing and advertising for the past several years, four of which have been dedicated to Internet marketing. He recently founded Lumin, a Birmingham Internet marketing firm. He recently authored a post on how to target young consumers online.

Three Reminders For Successful Blog Promotion

By Anto dominic

July 17, 2011

Some bloggers start their blog based on the passion of sharing information and their point of view with anyone who cares to read. Other bloggers write purely as a way to supplement their wallets.  With either reason, blogs must be promoted. A great post won’t get very far without a little nudging to ensure eyeballs around the world get an opportunity to read it.

Networking is an often overlooked offline method for blog promotion. Make sure the URL of your blog is included on your next order of business card printing.  You never know who you will run into and being able to hand them your business card with your blog information can help spread the word of your blogging endeavors.

blog promotion

Social Media is an obvious must for bloggers.  With the sharp rise and domination of Facebook and Twitter, most bloggers are already utilizing this technique. With the recent launch of Google +, blog owners will want to incorporate this into their marketing as well.  A great viral promotion can increase page views exponentially.

Link Building is also crucial to building up a blog’s readership base. All blog owners must build links on reputable sites within the same niche.  The more quality links a blog owner has pointing to their site, the better off they are. Quality links can be hard to come by, so it’s important to spend a little time on this portion.

Using the right tactics a blog owner can increase the traffic, quality and readership. The end result will be that the blog has more authority in the eyes of both readers and search engines alike.

Author Bio :-

This is a guest post written by Anto Dominic, who writes for Techiesniffer.

Importance of Having a Dedicated server for Online Business

By maran

July 8, 2011

Hosting is very essential for a online business, Unlimited bandwidth, disk space for your data files and a 24hours customer care support are the essential factors of a good web hosting. There is no problem in having shared hosting for blogs but when you going to start a business, its highly recommended to shift to any dedicated servers for rent.

A short intro about dedicated server –

Dedicated server is simply leasing an entire web server from a dedicated web hosting provider. The dedicated hosting option allows you the ability to maintain a large website while not having to be concerned about employing the staff to support it.

dedicated server logo

Not everyone need dedicated servers, but a business or startup needs it because shared hosting doesn’t able to support resources and needs of a growing business. Here are some advantage of having a dedicated server.

Pros of Dedicated Server

—  It gives you the full control over your server, enables  you can take all decisions related to  the hosting your website.

— You can enjoy as much bandwidth and disk space as you need, without sharing a bit with any other website or blogs, so only it is called “dedicated servers“.

— Improves performance and SEO of your business site, as you are not shared your space with any other blogs or sites, it reduces the bad neighborhood in your hosting.

— It offers greater reliability and high availability so you can enjoy 99% of uptime for your site.

— It is scalable, you can able to increase the memory or disk space of the server at any time according to your business needs.

—  High security with dedicated servers, take measures of your own to ensure a secure environment for your website.

— More flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server, including choice of operating system, hardware, etc.,

A dedicated server is important if you want a better service along with security and reliability.  Living with a shared hosting when your business needs are growing is not a wise decision. If you consider moving your business to dedicated servers for rent from shared hosting, think twice before choosing the best plans which suits for you.

How to be an Ethical Tweeter and Market your Blog?

By jane

July 7, 2011

Optimizing your Blog can bring good traffic and great visibility to it is a known fact. There are many optimizing techniques available today from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to SMO ( Social Media Optimization ). But have you tried optimizing your Blog through Twitter Search?

Yes, you heard it right. It is also one of the ways to get you good followers and readership easily inclining to get easy organic free traffic to your Blog. It is still a less known fact to optimize a blog considering the growing SEO industry, though people tend to promote and let others know through Twitter about Links and Blogs.

tweeter logo

As having a Twitter account is a must today, you can grow your business by optimizing your blog using twitter search and can increase your contacts , drive relevant traffic to your Blog, as it is a great internet marketing tool.

The full potential of your Blog business and the content you publish can be only accomplished only if you take few steps to optimize your blog with an overall keyword strategy and make it rank with the search engines on the first page of the search result. Google uses Twitter profiles, updates, tweets and retweets in its search results for discovering new updated content.

Check out – 4 Videos about twitter in real life.

Hence using Twitter to your advantage can only make your business grow with effort and care and avoiding certain mistakes which will be discussed later in this post. Twitter’s search Engine is a real time one as it readily recognizes the constant updates and tweets from the moment they get listed with the search history.

That means for every new second, people are constantly updating their profiles and a search in between will get you the most recent updated news, views and content. That’s why, it is known to be real time. But Twitter’s search engine uses a different search algorithm altogether when compared with Google, still business bloggers and entrepreneurial ventures are a little sceptical about the cleverness of Twitter as a search Engine.

Also twitter can never have an index size of Google and even it doesn’t have to because it knows even seconds after you update your content with news, views and whatever quality content you have in your Blog.

Let us now see how twitter search optimization can help in developing relevant traffic and make you visible to possible clients and new contacts.

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Choose Twitter Handle according to your Twitter Brand

Your twitter handle (username) appears on every update or tweet of yours. So choosing your handle appropriately and relevant to your blog or business helps you to get indexed in the search results of twitter. Keep in mind that twitter allocates only 15 characters for handles. You can even change your account name in the pull down menu bar of your account settings.

Make sure in the Twitter sharing buttons you offer at your site, that you include your handle.

Make your Tweets keyword rich

The tweets should be keyword rich, hence do a research of what keywords of your blog business can help you fetch more followers and obtain organic traffic to your blog. Also the highest ranking is given to the first 40 characters of your tweets which includes your username as well. Keeping shorter keywords and giving more space for keyword rich tweets can help. Remember that Tweets should be a promoting factor of your blog.

Make sure your tweets are retweetable

Since Twitter is an open community where users can retweet your tweets catering to a larger viewers and followers. Make sure tweets should never exceed 140 characters as the ones which exceed are not capable of being retweeted.

Use of Hashtag Keywords

Hashtag (#), when appended with tweets can be searchable on its search engine. Thus blog’s title can be your handle in twitter and tweets with hashtags give more exposure to your site or link.

Do readImportance of using Hashtags in your tweets.

Well defined description

Meta description of your twitter profile description is tagged always with your profile on the top of the page. Keeping it relevant to your blog’s business with quality content of your blog’s data and linking it with websites allows good exposure.

Having a bio with long tail keyword rich data gives more twitter search indexing.

I am sure this will provide you with some tasks on optimizing your blog and business for Twitter search, without using brute force. Let me quickly point out certain things one must avoid in Twitter as it can ruin recognition and get indexed with search results on Twitter.

Do not promote your statuses incessantly about your business. Back up your updates with valuable information rather than posting promotional posts which might bore your twitter audience. Repeating your tweets again and again will make your audience to see in a negative light. It will be an annoying to them.

Also remember to update your status with content that is useful to other business owners. Reputation is important which should tell about the good content and show you in positive light.

Guest Post:

This is a guest post written by Jane. She has two cool coupon discount deals to share with you: coupon for bistro diet plans and diet to go discount codes.

Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Your Online Business

By maran

July 2, 2011

Choosing the right web hosting service is one of the most important step in building a successful website or online business. The growth of a website is not just in the hands of the content, design and marketing of a site, but also depends on quality of web hosting companies.

But this is the place where many people fail because they just wanted to create website and make quick money, to make their investment cheap they always choose poor web hosting, that offer low bandwidth with poor service.

right web hosting

When their website slowly started to get traffic spike and exceed the bandwidth limits, their users will get “server not found” page, which will affect their product and reputation badly. Their customers A good web hosting includes good bandwidth, 99% up-time (no one can assure 100% uptime), unlimited disk space and a good customer care support.

You can check these web hosintg reviews and select the best service which suits for your business. The reviews posted on that blog is not automated, its totally reviewed by experts so you can make the best choice out of it. If you are planning on getting a hosting, I strongly suggest you to check out its features, reviews and make sure its worth the money.

uCoz Website Builder – Create Website in 10 minutes

By maran

July 1, 2011

A website is a inexpensive tool for your online business, that serves a purpose for both you and your clients. At present it is very easy to create a website and host  it in any server, but for a new user its somewhat a complicated one. Because they don’t know to create a website and to make it live in search engine, Ucoz will be the ultimate solutions for newbies.

ucoz logo

uCoz is a popular & free website maker Software as a Service, which includes hosting and CMS  that can be used for a variety of projects. So you can able to create your own website and get free unlimited space hosting lifetime. It is also available for Building blogs, forums, photo albums, guestbooks etc.,

Advantage of uCoz

– Its totally free

– User friendly

– No installation required

– Free Unlimited hosting

– Bunch of free templates to choose

– Variety of modules, tools, and features etc.,

– Create Multiple websites

– Embedded Traffic stats

For more info – uCoz FAQ

Create Website in 10 Minutes using uCoz

Top 8 Web-Based Tools for Professionally Operating Your Business Online

By Johnlaster

June 29, 2011

If you are running a business, particularly one that is completely online, it is probable that you have got a circulated workforce. This means your workforce and associates are situated in different nations around the world.

Running an online business proficiently and fruitfully need to make use of a variety of tools and apps that can assist you suitably to interact with your employees, team up effortlessly on multiple projects and hence reimburse for the lack of daily head to head communication that occurs in a real world office.

Business Tools

Following are 8 online tools that every online business owner should consider for better effectiveness and production.

1. Invoicera


The majority of the online businesses need some form of invoicing system to invoice their clients and there is no better tool than Invoicera. It assists you to handle invoices, tracking time of your employees and projects and even manage your accounts. If you are running business online or you are a service provider who supervises a team of freelancers, this is an invoicing tool you should consider using.

2. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is typically considered more advanced than Basecamp for project management in provisos of features. However, it’s viewed as somewhat more tricky to use than Basecamp. Zoho Projects has been rolling in recognition ever since it was introduced by Zoho.

3. Yammer

yammer logo

Yammer is an online tool that aims to foster better communication among a group of people. It is a private social network for your business, and has an interface similar to popular social sites (like Twitter).

4. Skype

skype logo

Any catalog that talks about the tools for association and carrying out business can’t be complete without Skype. Skype remains the one of the main method for making audio and video calls online, helping people to save a lot of money in phone bills and interact with friends and contemporaries around the world.

5. Pingdom

pingdom logo

If you are freelancer and don’t have a site, there is a chance that your online business is centered on a website. Pingdom is an online tracking tool that sends you alert you via emails and SMS when your site goes down. This makes sure that you make out instantly about downtimes and can take speedy action.

6. Basecamp

basecamp logo

Basecamp is the most popular online project management tool. Its user interface is straightforward and simple to use, it allows you to create multiple projects with various modifications, file sharing, create to-do lists and milestones, and you can do much more.

7. Hipchat

hipchat logo

Hipchat is an awesome group messaging service that is multi-platform, assists you to share files, create chat rooms and enables you to work together swiftly with several people in real-time. It substitutes the back and forth e-mails and hence it saves your time.

8. Nowdothis

nowdothis logo

This is the simplest of the tools stated so far and yet exceptionally useful. It assists you to get rid of the numerous “to-do lists” and permits you to concentrate on one thing at a time. And that’s the finest technique to really get things completed on time.

How Reading Dead Tree Media Can Improve Your Blog Writing

By Alvina

June 20, 2011

That publishing, whether in book, magazine, or newspaper form, is slowly dying off, losing the Darwinian battle against free, online, increasingly user-generated forms comes as no surprise. Although some critics say that the rise of amateur writing and publishing is giving way to Internet feudalism, the demise of professional standards, etc., free, online content is certainly here to stay. But as bloggers, where does that leave us?

dead tree media

I’d venture to say that most people who spend a significant part of their time creating their own content on a personal blog or blogs do most of their reading online. After all, why continue reading a dying form? Wouldn’t it make sense that bloggers should read other blogs to improve their specific art? Who wants to waste a bunch of money on subscriptions, whether digital or print? Although these are certainly valid points, I’d argue that there is much that bloggers can gain from reading media beyond the blogosphere. Here are just a few reasons:

1. Most bloggers get their info from all the same free, online sources. Reading dead tree media will help you draw creative inspiration from elsewhere.

Let’s face it–everyone reads the all the free stuff from major newspapers and all the farmed stuff from sites like Huffington Post. In this sense, free, online media can seem remarkably self-absorbed and redundant. By selecting a few solid pay publications that you enjoy reading, you’ll likely be getting more exclusive content and more in-depth analysis to inspire your blog writing.

2. Since print media and other pay-to-read publications go through a rigorous professional editing process, by reading them, you’ll learn a thing or two about good writing.

While this may seem like dead tree snootiness to social media types, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that the writing on user-generated media is generally speaking better than traditional media. Although there certainly may be more talented writers doing it for free online, you can be sure that articles in traditional media has been scrutinized by several editors, many of whom have years of experience writing and who’ve likely spent significant time in school learning what makes prose readable to a mass audience. Exposing yourself to “professional” writing in addition to your new media diet will, at the very least, make you more sensitive to considerations like grammar and style.

3. Despite the death and/or obsolescence of the publishing industry, reading dead tree media lends support to writers and editors struggling to make a living.

While many consider the death of the old-fashioned publishing industry a good thing, my heart still goes out to writers and editors who, unlike most bloggers writing as a hobby, spent much of their education and career trying to “make it” in the field. Even in top newspapers and magazines, a very small number of people make big bucks, so I think it behooves us amateur writers to show some gratitude and pay for good content.

4. Although one could argue otherwise, print publications are usually more reliable and less given to rumor and speculation.

Somewhat related to my second reason for reading dead tree media, another reason for doing so is that you can, generally speaking, trust content from respected publications, only because each article, in addition to the editing process, goes through a similarly meticulous fact-checking process. By reading professional publications, you’ll be more likely to be armed with solid facts to support your blog articles.

5. Paying for a print publication influences you to read the whole thing. Reading articles you normally wouldn’t gives you a more diverse perspective.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m reading media sources online, I’ve noticed that I jump from article to article until I find something that interests me in particular. Also, considering the “related articles” list following the article I read, I have a tendency to stick only to my “niche”. When I read a print publication I subscribed to, however, I feel compelled to read each issue cover-to-cover in order to “get my money’s worth.” As such, I inadvertently find myself being more informed on a variety of issues that I normally wouldn’t be exposed to given the highly customized experience of reading online media.

Of course, I’m certainly not saying that all print or professional media is, as a matter of course, “better” than user-generated media. I am saying, however, that there’s still much to be gained from media that’s put together by editors and experts. Especially in an age where everyone is reading the same stuff, creating your own media diet–one that combines the best of the traditional and user-generated forms–can help you drum up content that sets yourself apart from the rest.

Effect of Google Panda Update in Real & Animated Version

By sudharsan

June 14, 2011

This is not about animal panda, this is all about algorithm update by Internet Giant Google to its search engine. Google launched panda update to fight spam sites on Google SERP, to get more quality results for the users. We cant say this update has made full stop to content farm sites but it helps Google to show some quality results than before avoiding spam contents on web.

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google panda animated logo

These three amusing videos is about effect of panda update in two forms, one is a real life version and another two is an animate version.

Google Panda in Real life

Google Panda in Animate version