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Technoskillonline is for SALE !

By sudharsan

June 28, 2011
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It’s very hard decision in my blogging carrier, finally I decided to sell this blog for a good price, serious buyers and webmaster are invited to bid price. Before bidding just check out my current traffic and revenue stats of this blog.

Technoskillonline is a well established and leading online marketing blog from India, has a good Indian & US reader base.

technoskillonline for sale

PageRank – 3

Page views – 30k/month

Unique visits – 13k/month

Revenue – 300$/month ( Adsense + Technorati + BSA + Paid reviews + Services etc.,)

Alexa Rank -47k with 119 Backlinks Indexed.

technoksillonline alexa graph

Click here to check my stats in Alexa.

facebook fans – 1260+with good engagements.

Email Subscribers – 350+

A good community blog of around 370 unique articles which gained 3730 comments, 10 comments/article at an average. If you are interested in buying, contact me via mail and we can discuss about the deal. I will finalize the deal in 3 days so Saturday is the last date for the bid.

Starting Rate is – $1.5k

IF you need PDF version of my blog stats, just drop me a message.

Contact ME

Mail –

Skype – technoskillonline

Facebook – Sudharsan.G.Blogger

Twitter – Sudharsanece

Announcing the Winner of Quanik Giveaway

By sudharsan

February 7, 2011

Two weeks back we announced a contest of two domains + 500 facebook fans giveaway as a part of  Quanik celebrations, I’m very happy with the results, we got over 61 fb share and 40+ Rt’s for that contest with 37 active participants.Thanks to everyone who actively participated and promoted our giveaway.

Sponsor – Special thanks to who sponsored 500 FB fans for our contest.

congrats to winner

Now its time to announce the winner, as I promised before,  first winner will get 500 facebook fans, 2nd & 3rd winner will get a free domain [.com]. I had selected the winner using and the winner is wordpress plugin, a dedicated plugin for contest and giveaway.

And the winner is…..


winner announced

— 1st prize (500 Fb fans) goes to Vinay kumar.

— 2nd & 3rd prize (free .com domain) goes to Ardita and Mani viswanathan.

Congrats to the winner, I will contact them personally regarding this contest. Stay tuned guys, we are going to host many contest shortly. 😀

[Giveaway] Win Two .com Domains + 500 Facebook Fans

By sudharsan

January 26, 2011

A good opportunity for bloggers to win two free .com domains + 500 facebook fans. Technoskillonline is now a proud member of Quanik media, a team of passionate professionals who strive hard educate people the value of self-employment. To celebrate this nice occasion I’m running this contest for you all.

quanik contest

Contest Prizes

Winners will be selected randomly via and the winner is plugin.

1st prize – 500 facebook fans worth 50$.

2nd and 3rd prize will be 1 .com domains for each.

Contest Rule

— Join Quanik fanpage in facebook

— Follow @Quanik in twitter.

— Comment here with your twitter and facebook id from which you followed those profiles. (Must)

FBfans Sponsored by

Facebook fans is sponsored by, they are a dedicated team of professionals providing Facebook Fan Page solutions for your Business. They usually Deliver High-Quality Guaranteed Facebook Fans for your Fan Page, covering worldwide fans in a very fast turn-around of 7 to 10 days for every 1000 fans you order with them.

Conditions Apply

1. we don’t encourage multiple entries.

2. Commenting with you profile id’s is must.

Contest closing on 4/2/2011 and the Winner will be announced on 6th February (sunday).

So start participating now…

Other Contest from QUANIK  Networked Blogs

1. 5 Unlimited Hosting Accounts for One Year –

2. Win two Awesome Premium WordPress Theme –

Technoskillonline Joining a New Network – Quanik Media

By sudharsan

January 26, 2011

I’m very happy to announce that technoskillonline enters into new network, Quanik Media – a non profit organization.


What is Quanik ?

Quanik is a team of passionate professional who strive hard to educate people the value of self employment. We aren’t here to make money rather we are here to educate people and guide them to do what  they want. At Quanik we inspire people and digg up their interpersonal qualities to make their own living. So if you don’t know what you are up to, talk to us. We are here to hear you.

Talent Bloggers

Talent Blogger is a very unique program for blogger who cannot afford for a domain and a web hosting. We are thinking about this a long  time to pick out passionate bloggers who definitely needs a better  exposure, so we decided to give them free domain and a unlimited bandwidth web hosting account. Remember we are not making any money out of these and we are not even making any affiliate income through this. The “Talent Bloggers” program is to help those who really need a platform to establish their career.

If  you are newbie and passionate about blogging – Join our program

We are planning to launch many projects as soon as possible, so stay tuned for more updates.

Follow Quanik on twitter and facebook,

Monthly Roundup and Traffic Report – September 2010

By sudharsan

October 4, 2010

I’m very happy to share our previous month traffic stats with my readers. My blog is steadily increasing day by day and the best proof is September month traffic stats 😀

Do checkMonthly Roundup and Traffic Report – August 2010

Analytics Traffic Report

technoskillonline traffic stats

Visits – 5,540

Pageviews – 13,009

Bounce rate – 60.25%

Alexa Rank – 40,224

traffic source analytics

Social Media Graph

Facebook fans – 889

Twitter followers – 3,509

Technorati Authority – 432

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5. 10+ Easy & Free Ways to Increase Twitter Followers in a Month

6.Whether Google Treating “Blog Comments” as Forum threads ?

Blog Stats

blog stats september 2010

Guest Post in My Blog

1. Unhappy with SBI(State Bank of India)?? by Sureshpeters

2. 5 Quick Tips to Prevent yourself from Web Attacks by Srivastan

kudos to both of them 😀

Hope I will cross many milestones in this month. Do let us know how was your monthly traffic report for the last month?

Monthly Roundup and Traffic Report – August 2010

By sudharsan

September 3, 2010

I’m very happy to share our previous month traffic stats with our readers. Finally My blog touched long awaited 10,000 pageviews/month.

Kudos to Readers and Commentators 😀

Analytics Traffic Report –

analytics august traffic report

My Traffic Graph –

statcounter august traffic report

Alexa traffic Rank – 46,863

Indian Rank – 3,496

My Social Media Graph –

Twitter followers 3,389

Facebook Fans600

Youtube videos4

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5 Best and Popular Image Editing Tool for Bloggers

20 Tips to Brand a Blog for Effective web Marketing

Milestone Crossed –

– Reached 100 subscribers

– Entered into 50k Alexa community

– Reached 500 Facebook fans

– Reached 1500 Blog comments

– Got Sitelinks from Google

Thanks for supporting us 😀

Google Created “Sitelinks” for Technoskillonline

By sudharsan

July 31, 2010

I’m very happy to announce that my blog got 4 sitelinks from google. This is the clear indication that my blog is becoming popular gradually day by day.

site links from google

Check here is Google Result page

Usually google wont create sitelinks for all blogs because sitelinks are fullly automated process, if your blog has a good link structure, Backlinks and ranks well in SERPs it will be automatically created.


Google says

Sitelinks are completely automated, and we show them only if we think they’ll be useful to the user. If your site’s structure doesn’t allow our algorithms to find good sitelinks, or we don’t think that the sitelinks are relevant to the user’s query, we won’t show them. However, we are always working to improve how we find and display sitelinks.

A week back google started to show latest tweets from my twitter profile  in SERP results. I think it is because of the newly updated caffeiene algorithum by google.

latest twitter results

Milestone crossed by Technoskillonline –

Technoskillonline featured in Alltop

I’ve entered into 100k Alexa community

Reached 1000 Comments Milestone

Thanks for Google, Readers and my Blogging friends …..

R u ready for “Twitter Jockey” @ MTV !! Turn your Tweets into a $100k

By sudharsan

June 15, 2010

Forget about VJ and RJ now MTV looking for a TJ [Twitter jockey] a unique competition that you have ever seen before.

mtv twitter jockey

Heared about VJ & RJ and what is “Twitter Jockey” ?

TJ will actively engage with you in social Media, answers your question, Live Tweets from MTV events  and much more..

The TJ will be your voice, and the means of communication between you and all the MTV celebrities, producers and employees

How to participate ?

MTV had already selected 18 candidates and they are going to choose another 2 person by open nomination. If you are interested or do you know anybody, you can nominate them for this competition by using Open nomination Form

How they will select TJ ?

After all 20 candidates get selected, they are going to compete with a series of “Twitter based” challenge.  Each challenge will reveal some special talents from the competitors. Selection process  includes two elements

Personal Elements – To bring-out the candidate’s sense of individuality and character.

Social Elements – To bring out the candidate’s social talents online as well as offline.

After evaluating all these elements, One person will be crowned as MTV Official T.J for one year  where he can earn more than 100k$.

Check their Official link – for more details.

Monthly Roundup and Traffic Report – May 2010

By sudharsan

June 1, 2010

Very tough month for a blogger went off….

I’m upset with last month performance of ME. I didn’t write more post in previous month. Due to my [shit] exam and Database problem i cant write many post. I’ve just written 9 post in previous month.

analytics report technoskillonline

Do read Monthly Roundup and Traffic Report – April 2010

Analytic Report

traffic analytics report may 2010

Unique visitors – 2,889

Page views – 5,936

Bounce Rate – 67.06

Statcounter Report

traffic report may 10

Blog stats

blog stats may 10

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Alexa Rank

alexa rank

Current Rank – 48,685

Previous month – 51,851

UP% – 3,166

I apologize to my blogging friends and commentators because i cant able to predict the Top commentator of previous month due to my DATA BASE error. They did very good job for my blog by commenting on my Old post.

Hope i will do my best in next month…Cheers

Sorry Guys and to my readers

Reached 1000+ Comments Milestone from 150 Posts

By sudharsan

May 6, 2010

I’m very happy to Announce that my Blog Technoskillonline has reached 1000+ comments milestone from 150 post.

reached 1000 comments

Kudos to my Top commentators and my Readers.

Tips – 20+ tips to get more comments in your blog

Top commentators in My Blog so far….

Pubudu Kodikara from Techhamlet

Salman from

Jasir Java from

Siddharth from

1000 comments from 150 post

Top 5 Mostly Commented Post in My Blog

Free Backlink from Google – Boost your Pagerank41 comments

Tips to increase your pagerank – March April 201040 comments

Infolinks Revenue Booster – Increase Ur Income 38 comments

Twitter Autofollower _ follow more people in twitter32 comments

Get 5$ per Post – R u ready for Guest Author25 comments

Hope this stats will continue in upcoming month also…

Once again thank U all for supporting us…