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Internal Backlinks Building – Bring Traffic From Long Tail Keywords!

By Tammy

August 30, 2011
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If you have built high quality internal backlinks for your site? Compared with the external backlinks, internal backlinks are quite simple but very powerful, sometimes even lead to more obvious results than building millions of external  backlinks.

It has been proved that in 2 to 4 weeks, if you naturally add internal backlinks, your site will immediately gain more traffic from long tail keywords. How much traffic you will gain depends on the competition of the keywords chosen and how many keywords within your posts.

Internal backlinks building & Image optimization

There’re also many other SEO tips besides building high quality internal backlinks within your site such as to optimizing image searches such as properly adding titles, descriptions. Sometimes, images would bring more traffic than building internal backlinks. But the problem is the conversion rate. Think about it, users who searched for images landed on your site and they saw many ads, they would neglect those ads because their target was pictures, while internal backlinks would bring more targeted visitors to your site and you can add more affiliate products within the pages and it would convert very well, trust me.

Google index & Internal backlinks

Internal backlinks concludes tag backlinks, posts backlinks, categories backlinks and so on. Usually, as to my experience, Google would index these backlinks very soon if your site properly optimized, usually within 24 hours. Your main page will show highest at first, such as within 100th rankings, while the tag pages or internal post pages ranks at 300th to 400th. Then after 1 week to 1 month’s time, the internal page would raise to within 50th rankings, sometimes within 10th rankings.

Internal backlinks & Google trends

It’s very smart to build internal backlinks with keywords from Google trends, because if you choose keywords properly, you will gain high traffic within short time.
It’s recommended that:
1. Choose not so competitive keywords within Google trends.
2. Post series of posts in short time thus the internal backlinks would be much more powerful
3. Choose relative keywords such as 5-10 keywords at one time

Next time I will introduce to you some nice tools to build internal backlinks!

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