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Popular & Free MP3 Search Engine

By sudharsan

July 9, 2011
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There is a saying that, there is no one in the world who hate music, it may be a melody songs or a rock music albums, everyone in the world is addicted to music. It’s not like before, to buy music cd and dvd’s from shop, there are tons of songs already available on internet, all you need is a good mp3 search engine that can able index all music on web.

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Mp3-2000, is popular and free mp3 search engine website, that indexes and organizes all music that has been available legally on Internet.They have a huge database loaded with free mp3 files that are available worldwide on internet, so no need for you search it on Google, you can get it all at one place.


—  Listen to any of the mp3 files returned in the results before you hit download button.

— Search through Alphabetical Order.

— You can narrow search by artist, albums, songs etc.,

— Over 1 Million songs indexed

— If you have your own album or download link of any songs, you can upload it to for free.

— No registration required.

— Get the list of most searched MP3 songs worldwide.

World Music Charts contains a list of top 10 popular albums on different categories.

There are thousands of music search engines on internet, but mp3-2000 will be one of the best among them.

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