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Importance of Having a Dedicated server for Online Business

By maran

July 8, 2011
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Hosting is very essential for a online business, Unlimited bandwidth, disk space for your data files and a 24hours customer care support are the essential factors of a good web hosting. There is no problem in having shared hosting for blogs but when you going to start a business, its highly recommended to shift to any dedicated servers for rent.

A short intro about dedicated server –

Dedicated server is simply leasing an entire web server from a dedicated web hosting provider. The dedicated hosting option allows you the ability to maintain a large website while not having to be concerned about employing the staff to support it.

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Not everyone need dedicated servers, but a business or startup needs it because shared hosting doesn’t able to support resources and needs of a growing business. Here are some advantage of having a dedicated server.

Pros of Dedicated Server

—  It gives you the full control over your server, enables  you can take all decisions related to  the hosting your website.

— You can enjoy as much bandwidth and disk space as you need, without sharing a bit with any other website or blogs, so only it is called “dedicated servers“.

— Improves performance and SEO of your business site, as you are not shared your space with any other blogs or sites, it reduces the bad neighborhood in your hosting.

— It offers greater reliability and high availability so you can enjoy 99% of uptime for your site.

— It is scalable, you can able to increase the memory or disk space of the server at any time according to your business needs.

—  High security with dedicated servers, take measures of your own to ensure a secure environment for your website.

— More flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server, including choice of operating system, hardware, etc.,

A dedicated server is important if you want a better service along with security and reliability.  Living with a shared hosting when your business needs are growing is not a wise decision. If you consider moving your business to dedicated servers for rent from shared hosting, think twice before choosing the best plans which suits for you.

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