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General Files – A Simple File Sharing Search Engine

By maran

July 9, 2011
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General files, is a simple file search engine where you can get over 200+ million files from popular file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile etc., and it has around 20k registered users. You can get all types of files such as .PDF, eBooks, .doc, mp3, videos etc., at one place.

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Anyone can upload their download links to this site so other users can enjoy the files and they will also be encouraged to submit more files, they had deleted almost 100k files so far, so no chance of getting fake download links here.

The new features that I like in this site is, you can able to create custom alerts for the files you need. For example, if you need “Pro Blogger eBook“, just create an alerts for it, you will be notified instantly via mail.

create custom alert

Future Implementations

They are planning to increase and pay attention to community related options and features that makes users to tell them what features they like to have in their websites. They are also working on bonus system for more active users, more time you spend on this site you can earn more bonus points to unlock some cool premium features. By adding your friends to this site you can able to view their activities in “friend feed” section.

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