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Have you Seen this “Fix this” Button in Facebook Before ?

By sudharsan

June 11, 2011
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Today, while I’m surfing facebook, I came across this new button “Fix this“, when I clicked  this button it displays a message box, “Correct your page label” – what’s wrong with this page ? Facebook ask me to correct whether the page is original profile (official) page of  Trisha (leading Tamil Actress) or it’s a fake one.

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facebook fix this button

I’m using facebook for about a year, so far I didn’t confront such kind of button in facebook, may be, facebook has rolled this new button for celerity and brand pages to verify their account like what we have in twitter or it just asked to confirm whether the profile does not contains any illegal (violence, nudity, scam, harmful) materials.

I like to know you views ?

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