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Google +1 FAQ, Guides, Installation, Settings, SEO effect & Much more

By sudharsan

June 7, 2011
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Last week, Google unveils most awaited Google +1 button for blogs, though they had launched +1 service a few month back, it cannot be used as a share button like Facebook “like” and twitter “Re tweet” button. Now you can add +1 button in your blog.

google +1 guides

This post is a small contribution from my side to make users to understand the +1 concept better. Before entering into the topic you should have a basic knowledge about Google +1 and social search features of Google. I’ve already written a detailed post about it, read it before reading this post.

1. Google +1 – A Short Intro

2. How to install Google +1 in your Blog

Adding +1 button  in your blog will make user to +1 you article easily, so your post can be visible to their social circles, as a results you can also gain a little SEO boost for your articles. On the whole, integrating +1 button will boost your SERP rankings.

— Select the standard size, languages, web page URL etc.,  from the options given below, now copy the 1st code and place it above the closing </head> tag.

create custom google +1 button

— Copy the second code and place it in appropriate region of single.php file, because placement will  vary according to your WordPress templates. Have a backup before integrating.

> For Blogger blogspot users check this tutor for installation, if you are using thesis theme, check this one.

3. How it will Affect Rankings

It is official now that, Google +1 votes is added to search algorithm but no one knows how much it will affect the rankings.

When a signed Google users is searching in web using Google, he can see Google +1 button in search engine result pages, if he like the article very much he can give a +1 (similar to like or vote up) to the articles. After the vote up, the article may started to show in his social circle and in Google profile +1 tab.

When ever his friends search for the same data they can see the vote up made by his friends, this is very similar to recommending an article, products, places, companies etc., with your friends. As a result, blog that get more vote up will gain more exposure and traffic.

google +1 in search result page

A recent study by seoeffect says, using google +1 has increased the CTR by 20% in Google result page, people love to click those links which has more recommendation (+1) than the results in no.1 position.

Google +1 impact

4. Enable, Hide & Unhide Google +1

All signed in Google users who opt in to Google +1 can see the button but now it is only available in (egnlish version).All the links you +1 will show up in a separate tab of your Google profile, so have a look at this article for safe privacy settings.

5. Some Answered Questions about Google +1

google +1 faq

There are number of questions and rumors revolving around this major update, we are not going to discuss about all those one here, except these two.

1. Whether it will kill Facebook “Like” button ?

First think I have to make you clear is, Google +1 is not a facebook killer, both are different. Having more number of facebook likes will increase your brand exposure in facebook, Google +1 wont help you in getting ROI in facebook. So give your visitors the choice on how they want to share the content with their friends.

2. Whether it will sucks like Google Buzz ?

google -1 button

I don’t know how it will going to affect search rankings, whether it will boost the rankings or it will increase only the CTR of a blog. I can show you some proof of why Google plus one may sucks.

Following screenshot is take from Mashable, leading Social media blog, which shows very less Google plus one count compared to facebook like and Twitter Rt, even it didn’t touched 10% of shares compared to other social sites. Do you know why ?

mashable google plus one share count

The Reason is, million of people login to social sites daily, it is easy for them to share content with their friends while they surf, as a result, blogs and websites can get much exposure & share from social sites. But how many people will sign in to Google account while searching ? the number will be very less. So chance of using +1 button for a normal users is very much decreased naturally, then how it is possible to get vote up using +1 button for them.

This +1 button may be useful for bloggers and webmasters but not for a normal users, remember 70-80% of world searches depends on those normal users, if Google want to succeed in +1, they really need them to +1 the results. As you all know most of the bloggers will vote up for their blog promotion and how it is possible to get quality results from self votes ?

Considering all those things, I can say you one thing that Google Plus one won’t succeed as it is expected.

Other Google +1 Resources

Google Analytics for +1 Button – Check Yoast blog for more information.

Google Chrome Extension – This extension lets you to +1 any webpage or results easily, all your +1 will be added to your google profile +1 tab.

Google +1 API – Customize the code using its apis.

Google +1 privacy guide.

If you have any doubts, check out their official FAQ page.

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