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Comming Soon: Google Search by using Images as Search Query, Instant pages etc.,

By sudharsan

June 15, 2011
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Google, frequently updates new features for the users. Recently, they announced panda update to its search algorithm to fight content farm sites and they had improved Google image search by adding 3 unique features.

google inside search logo

Today, at “Inside Search” events, Google announced some amazing features to its search, such as voice search, new mobile interface & using images as search query. The last one is very cool and its proves how efficient Google is at technology. Now you can able to search using images (images as search query), if you drag any images, say “Obama” in search box, Google will identify the image and it automatically shows relevant results about Obama. :)

image as search query

These new features will be rolled out within few days, I think it will be available only in English version ( slowly it will be rolled out to other countries.

Google Instant Pages

What is Instant pages ? Few month back Google announced instant previews – search as you type, in Google search, now Google extends instant features for loading websites that are in top position in SERP. It will pre load all images, executable files and java scripts files of the website which is at no.1 position for a search query, when a user perform a search & click the result, website will load within a fraction of seconds without any delay, watch this video to know how Google instant page will works.

> It is available only in Chrome browser.

> It will be available in mobile device shortly.

Thanks – Techcrunch

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