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4 Videos about Twitter in Real Life

By sudharsan

June 16, 2011
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Though there are  many advantages of using twitter we must surely accept the privacy concern about these sites. For example, if any stranger come to you and ask for your name, info and you daily life activities, what will you do and how will you react to those peoples ?

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twitter in real life

But the same thing is happening in your daily online life, once you tweeted about your activities it will be visible to million of people all over the world and you personal information, place of living &  interest is available to everyone from your profile, you can’t escape from those prying eyes.

These videos is all about reflection of your online social media activities and how you are going to confront those situation in real life.

Twitter in Real life – College Humors

What are you doing ?

Fu****G Character Count

Twitter in Real Life –  A Parody

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