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7 Powerful facebook “Like” Powered Search Engines

By sudharsan

May 7, 2011
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Few years back, facebook introduced “like” button that enables users to like & share their favorite pages and weblinks with their friends circle. These “likes” got a huge¬† brand value because these likes are purely based on the user interest and not done by an Bots. So searching across those “likes” will reveal many interesting links which is undiscovered by search engines.

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facebook social searchBing has already added facebook likes search to its social search algorithm and there are some search engines like blekko which dedicated for facebook like search. Other than blekko, here I mentioned about some popular search engines powered by facebook likes which you may like very much.

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1. Likester – Its a new startup that lets user to search their friends “like” database, user can able to view popular, trending likes of their friends circle and from everyone on facebook.

2. Booshaka – An alternate tool for likester but slightly differ from it. It rank pages on different categories like athletes, public figure etc., based on points. You can also add your fanpage to get ranked among all pages.

3. Bing – Not a dedicated search machine for fb likes, but its social search features allow you to search facebook, as Bing stands 2nd place in search market, results shown will be highly reliable.

4. Blekko To my knowledge, it is the first search engine fully dedicated for facebook likes, popularly knows as / slashtag search.

5. Like Button – Browse through the popular likes of your friends in different pre-defined categories, you can also check more updates from everyone by clicking “search on facebook” button.

facebook search options

6.Facebook Search If you still not able to get better results from above mention engines, facebook helps you to find better & relevant results.

7. Greplin – The best tool to search your facebook database, search through your facebook streams, fb friends, events, private messages or chat, notes etc., without missing a single conversation.

facebook greplin search

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