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35 Infographics about OSAMA Timeline, Unfolded Geronimo Raid & his Social Waves

By sudharsan

May 5, 2011
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Finally, Osama Saga has come to an end on last Sunday by American seals (Soldiers) in front of his family in Pakistan. Social media plays a big part in unfolding the news to public, some twitter users in Abbottabad unknowingly LIVE tweeted about the Osama raid in twitter, so his death news started to leak in twitter before confirmed by US officials.

Osama hide & seek king

His death triggered a huge social wave on all social medias, people started to share news, photos, videos about his death and some spammers capitalize the situation by spreading fake Osama death photos & spam fb applications. Within some hours, #osama becomes the trending topics on twitter. A poll conducted by mashable says 50% of people heard his death news from social sites than from televisions and other channels. :)

mashable poll

Virtual Video [ How Geronimo Raid was Done ]

1. Osama Bin Laden Birth to Death [Timeline]

osama bin laden timeline till death

via (Infographics archive)


via (vahomeloans)

2. Osama Bin Laden Profile

osama profile infographics

3. Breaking Down Bin Laden

osama breakdown infographics

4. Osama Impact on Social Media

osama social media impact

via (Mashable)

5. 30 Infographics about OSAMA & Geronimo Operations

osama geronimo raid

A great resource to know how American soldiers planned and executed the operations and some interesting information about “OSAMA compound” where he shot dead.

> Check out from here.

6. How Social Media React to Breaking news


via (ellynet)

7. Yahoo Searches for Bin Laden Spiked 98,550% on Sunday

Yahoo-Graphvia (Mashable)

8. Twitter User Live Tweets about Bin Laden Raid

9. Major Internet Traffic Spike

major internet spikevia (Mashable)

10. What the World is saying about his Death

via (Mashable)

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