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3 Recent Improvements by Google to its Image Search

By sudharsan

May 10, 2011
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After bringing social layers to its search, Google now made some changes to its popular image search engine, from where most of the image has been downloaded & shared online. A few months back, Google drops page navigation and brings auto loading of image while scrolling down, this make searching images faster than before. Now it has updates 3 unique and useful features for the users.

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1. Sort by categories

google sort by relevance

Before, there is only a suggestion link at the top, below the search box, now when you click the “sort by categories” button, Google displays a series of images according to the categories, it provides user to get better results from google image search.

2. Upload date

google image search by upload date

Displays the published date of that image to make easier for users to find right & fresh images as possible.

2. Displays Image size

Now you can Browse images through their size because images may be of different sizes and the purpose of using image differ on their sizes. By clicking the zies you can able to view the image size dimension so its easy to pick rich image. This will surely help you in differentiating images between logos, icons, wallpapers etc.,

image search by size

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