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Top 10 Weekly twitter Trends in INDIA – #7

By sudharsan

April 24, 2011
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Check out the hottest trends discussed in twitter among Indian tweeters for past week.

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#Amar Singh – Amar Singh, an Indian politician and one of the founding leaders of Samajwadi Party, known for his chaste Hindi and political connections.

#lol – People write things that are funny, and tag it with “lol” which means laughing out loud.

#youdeservetobesingle — People are voicing opinions on why others deserve to be single, likely in an effort to avoid any realization of why they are too.

#twittercrush — India tweeters tweeting about who they have a crush on on Twitter

#vegetariansaresexy — A way to promote or create awareness about vegetarian foods.

Dpacino o o.. is this hashtag #VegetariansAreSexy meant to promote Gujus & Jains?? then, I guess #VegetariansAreHorny wud b more appropriate. 😛

#goodfriday — India tweeples celebrating good Friday on twitter by sending wishes to their friends.

#earthday — April 22: A day dedicated to appreciating Earth and its environment.

#iamsotiredof — People tweeting about the things which make them so tired.

goldmanmichael  #iamsotiredof RACISM Yes we have different skin colors & sizes but we all bleed red right? We are all human.. We are all different yet same

#Dum Maro Dum — is a 2011 Hindi crime thriller film directed by Rohan Sippy, starring Abhishek Bachchan. A long awaited film has been released on April 22.

Watch the Official Trailer

#ipl4 — (India Premier league -4) Professional T20 cricket tournament in India.

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