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Top 10 Weekly twitter trends in INDIA – #6

By sudharsan

April 17, 2011
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Its nice to see people talking about different things on web rather discussing the same topics repeated times, I think people are back to normal from cricket fever.

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indian twitter trends

#futurenews — News and prediction about the future, I don’t know the reason why this topic trending on twitter but the tweets from India twitters seems to be funny and interesting.

Eg:- The world will not end in 2012, Rajnikanth has bought a computer with a 3 year warranty #futurenews

To get more future news follow @The_FutureNews or search #futurenews on twitter.

#itssadwhen — Eg:- #itssadwhen you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

#ShaneWatson — Australian cricket player thrashed Bangladesh by hitting 185* from just 96 balls and also bags a world record of 15 sixes in a single match by any player in the cricket history.

#themostannoyingtweeters — People tweeting about the most annoying tweeters on twitter like people who spam twitter profiles with repeated tweets, sending DM to all etc.,

#agoodboyfriend — People are tweeting about the qualities that make a good boyfriend and the things a good boyfriend does, search with this hashtags to know more tips tom impress your G.F.

#tnelections [ Tamilnadu State government Election 2011 ] — Polling ends peacefully with 80% record, which is highest in recent 25 years Tamilnadu elections. A big salute to “Election commission of TN” who really work hard to make the things happen.

#ipl4 [Indian Premier league – season 4] — Professional T20 cricket competition in India.

#onmymind — It’s the name of @TheCodySimpson’s new single. Fans just found out it’s being released this weekend.

#weneedacurefor — People are tweeting things that we need a cure for…

#facup – The Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the FA Cup, is a knockout cup competition in English football, run by and named after The Football Association.

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