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The “ALT” Guide for Image Optimization & Tips for Search Engines

By sudharsan

April 23, 2011
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Bloggers do many things to drive traffic for their website, you can drive traffic through optimizing content, backlinks, social media sites etc., these methods are very common for general websites but for a site like picture or images hosting blogs their main source of traffic is from image search engines like Google images.

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Optimizing image is very important for them to get good exposure from search engines. Most important points for image optimization is the proper use of <img> tags, image title. Giving proper keywords related to you image alone won’t work for you much, you have to thing as a user of how a user will search and get image from search engines. Remember, there is a lot of difference between image search and normal Google search, you have to do some tweaks to boost your image traffic.

Image optimization

Frankly speaking, I’m not a big fan of image search traffic for tech & marketing blogs because they are useless one, but for image hosting blogs the thing is different, they totally rely on these traffic for their blogs.

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ALT tags

Search engine spiders index & rank images using your image ALT tags so you have to give proper keyword rich & user friendly ALT tags for your images.

1. Examples -Consider if you have a post “Facebook security tips” and how will you choose right ALT tags for your image shared in that particular article. People wont search for FB security tips in image search engines because the keyword deals with content, Isn’t it ? Rather than giving your Post title as ALT tags, you can choose ALT tags a follows

Facebook secure logo

Facebook secure logo png

google image search suggestion

In these screenshot, you can able to see Google image search suggestion of what people highly search, you can apply those similar suggesting keywords for your blog images at relevant places like what you do for your articles from Google search suggestion results & keyword tools.

Image search suggestion

2. Examples :- If your image is a screenshot or any tutor, you can give ALT tags like,

Tutorial screenshot png

website screenshot png

General Optimization Tips

1. Always use optimized images such as png, Jpg format in your blog because it will load faster and very comfortable to be viewed in any browsers, so people love to download those images.

— Use WP plugin for optimizing image & to make your wordpress blog load faster.

2. If upload images from mobiles phones the title of image will look like <IMG001.jpg> some thing like that, so change the title of the image according to your picture and title of your article.

— Install SEO friendly Images plugin for better optimization.

3. Use ALT tags for every images of your blog.

4. If it possible try to sprinkle related keywords around your image.

5. If you cannot produce quality images of your own, at least try to edit the image wisely that look fresh for the readers, if you feel difficult to work in Photoshop, try some other image editing tool for bloggers. eg: Snag it editor.

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