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By sudharsan

April 27, 2011
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I found a new search engine yesterday while surfing, – which claims that it can search the web 3 times faster than any instant search engines do. By looking at the title, I thought it will be like bleeko – a search engine powered by slashtags and facebook integrations, but the difference between blekko and is, blekko trying to include slashtags into their search algorithm but has no algorithm, it simple forwards you to the sites which can give you the best results for your search query.

slashtags logo

How Works

Another cool features of this site is, you can search your personal documents like gmail, dropbox, evernote etc., when you are logged in to that account, a similar greplin like service.

For example, if you need to search site rankings in alexa, normally you will go to alexa site and type the URL of the website or you will type “websitename” + Alexa in google search. Now by using this slashtag powered search engine, you will be directed in a single search to appropriate page by a single query.

Do readIncrease Alexa rank in 7 easy steps.

Go to and type technoskillonline /alexa to get my Alexa rank.

slashtags search

At present it allows you to search through only 60 slashtags but it can be extended soon, there is an option to suggest slashtags for some popular sites you know. – Speed Test

> Read more about the site from here – slashtag.it_faq

> Click here to make a default search engines of your browser.

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