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Google +Like: Facebook “Like” button to every Google search results

By sudharsan

April 12, 2011
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As you all know that, Google Unveils  most awaited and rumored Google +1 features to its SERP a few weeks before, allowing users to vote for their favorite links in search engines result page, an initial step taken to reduce “content farm sites” and a good start of personalized search results.

Many webmasters says that it will be a good alternative for facebook “like” button, but FB “like” buttons cannot be shown in search results page, only it is available as a plugins that can be installed in a website.

Do read – Things you need to know about “Google +1″ & its features.

Facebook "like" in google

A new extension called Google +Like, which switch Google’s +1 button with a Facebook “Like” button in SERP, the extension shows you how many people have shared the link on Facebook and who out of your friends has already shared it in a icon image at right side. Check the screenshot below.

facebook likes in search results page

Watch the DEMO

Add a Facebook Like button to every Google search results, see how many people liked each of the results and find friends who had already recommended it ! Get it now and start using a much smarter Google search.

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