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Facebook Expands its Territory: Send Button to replace “Email to a friend”

By sudharsan

April 26, 2011
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Facebook, just announced their another product to capture the world Internet market, facebook send button – a good alternative to traditional “Email to a friend” button. “Email to a friend” button is used by most of the bloggers to make easier for the users to share their favorite article with their friends circle because at that time email is the only popular communication tool for internet users.

Facebook send button

But now people started to use facebook for connecting with friends to share their views, photos, videos etc., than using emails, so facebook trying to extend its territory a little bit bigger by introduced Send button. Now you can share articles with your facebook friends, groups and you can also send to you friend email id in a single click.

Blogger can able to view how many users had shared article via send button from Facebook analytic, Don’t know how to install facebook analytic to your blog – Read this tutor.

> Install send button to your blog from Developers page

facebook send button demo

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