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Create Infographics from your foursquare, twitter & facebook Data’s

By sudharsan

April 15, 2011
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Infographics has become one of the best marketing tool of future, people love to read those Infogrphics rather than reading lengthy blog posts and also its easy to remember the stats through visualization. If you want to create an Infographics of your own you must be skillful in Photoshop and other chart tools.

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infographics inspiration logo

Whether its possible to own an Infogrphics without knowing any of these skills ? the answer is yes. Here is the 3 tools that can create a beautiful chart based on the social stats of your twitter, facebook and foursquare profiles.

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1. — This is a small little tool that create beautiful infographics from your foursquare data’s such as how many check in’s, friends, followers and badges you have in your profile.

lauren_foursquare infographics

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2. The print effect — This awesome chart contains data’s about your twitter profiles such as, no of A4 pages need to print all of your tweets, liters of ink needed to print, its cost & time consumption etc.,

create infographics abt twitter stream

3. My_Infographic – There is no external tool for Facebook but this handy apps will do it for you, it creates an personalized Infographic showing your Top 3 closest friends, relationship % of your friends, most popular pictures etc.,

facebook - my infographics

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