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The Print Effect: Create Infographics about your twitter stream

By sudharsan

March 16, 2011
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Infogrphics is a best way to visualize a stats for easy remembering and to market the products online. It cannot be created by all because it needs a lot of photoshop work and need some good tools to create a succesfull infographics.¬† But using “The Print Effect” you can easily create your own infographics in a seconds.

the print effect logo

Just enter your twitter username in the search box, in a seconds it will create an infographics about your twitter stream which includes  the weight of all those pages, area of pages it would cover in total, the length and cost of those pages and the time taken to print those pages using a single inkjet printer.

Check out the stats of TOP twitter users, really interesting one.

create infographics abt twitter stream

LinkCreate your infographics from here.

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