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[How to] Set up Facebook Analytics for Social plugins

By sudharsan

March 9, 2011
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The social network site is rolling out new features everyday, few days back they have launched comment plugin for blogs and now they added another cool feature to their insights tool, facebook real time analytics – which allows the users to analysis their blog updates in facebook. A publisher can see how his content is performing in facebook and enables them to optimize their blog for further updates.

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facebook real analytic

Why we need this tool ?

As you all know fb is the second largest website in the world having more than 600 million users, so it turn out to be the best place for marketing a business online. But one major draw back in facebook is, there is no analytic to track or analyze your content shared in facebook. Now with the use of this tool you can track all the activities of the users like CTR, demographics, impression count, gender, comment rate etc., This analytic tool is very similar to Google analytics.

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1. Like button Analytics

like button analytics screenshot

2. Comment Box Analytics

comment box analytics

3. Popular pages

popular pages analytics screenshot

4. Demographic data

facebook demographics screenshot

Alternate tool Tool to check your blog performance in FB and twitter.

How to set up ?

Note – This analytics is available only for facebook social plugins so be sure that you’ve installed it in your blog.

— login to facebook insights page.

— click “Insights for your website” button and enter the following details, check the screenshot below.

set up facebook insights screenshot

— Copy & paste the code inside the <head> section of your blog and click update.

— Now click the “Get Insights” button in facebook. That’s it, you blog is ready for Real time facebook analytics.

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