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6 Infographics Visualizing the impact by Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

By sudharsan

March 17, 2011
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Earthquake of Magnitude of 8.8 hits coastline of japan island honshu triggered Tsunami waves, which hits japan coastline very badly leads to the death of 15k people so far, this earthquake is one of the worst crisis since second world war 2 on Japan. Experts says, precautionary measures taken by Japan government had reduced the death rate, if the same magnitude of earthquake hits on any other countries it would had become the worst natural disaster on this planet.

Must check – HD images of earthquake hits japan | Earthquake aftermath | Vast devastation.

ISO approved tsunami sign japan

Here I mentioned some of the infographics which give you the clear picture about the disaster and how it impact the other parts of the earth.

1. Disaster in Japan

disaster in japan

2. An Earthquake global reach

an earthquake global reach

3. Facebook Status update density

Animated infographic, showing the density of Facebook status updates from each region in the first 12 hours after the tsunami hits Japan.

facebook status update density japan

4. Radiation Danger from Quake damaged Nuclear power plant

radiation dancger from wuake damaged power plant

5. Japan Nuclear Reactor

japan nuclear reactor

6. Quick impact on Japanese Nuclear power plants

quick impact on japanese NPPs





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