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5 twitter Settings you need to know for High Privacy & Secure

By sudharsan

March 22, 2011
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Twitter, 2nd largest social networking site in the world, its recent time influence in Egpyt revolution, Japan earthquake etc., shows that it has grown beyond social network. Information shared in twitter will be easily accessed by all people around the world, it means any one can know about you and your activities easily, its a great concern for your privacy online.

twitter privacy and secure

By tweaking your twitter settings page, you can access twitter with high secure (HTTPS connection) and able to get rid of all privacy problems.

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1. Always use HTTPS connection

A few days ago twitter added a new security layer (settings) for users to enable them to access twitter with HTTPs connection, so the password and information you share on twitter will be encrypted and its tough for hackers to access your account.

Go to settings > HTTPS only > Tick mark the settings.

twitter https settings screenshot

2. Protect your Tweets

protected their tweets

If you are using your twitter account for personal purpose, you should surely tick mark this settings to prevent others from seeing all of your tweets. So only the people you approve will able to see your tweets.

Go to settings > Tweet privacy > Tick mark the settings

protect your tweets settings screenshot3. Tweet location

This new features of twitter will allows you to add tweet location in your tweets to make easy for your friends to find you but this make easier for the stranger to track your daily activities. So it is advisable to turn off the settings for better privacy.

— Go to settings page > Tweet location > Un-mark the box.

tweet location settings screenshot

If  you want to delete all the history about the locations you’ve shared in tweets so far, now twitter allows you to delete all those traces within 30 minutes.

Go to settings > Check below the tweet location settings, just click the “delete all information” link.

delete twitter location settings screenshot

4. Secure Password

Choose a tricky password for your account which will be very tough for hackers to find out. Don’t choose your mobile number, your name, your pet name etc., as your password. Try to add numbers, special characters along with your name for easy remembrance and high security.

5. Be careful with Third party Applications


While accessing some sites or web applications you may be forced to log into their site via twitter login button, by giving the username and password they can access the  information about your profile. Granting access to all application is not good for your privacy so think before you authenticate (OAuth).

To remove application from accessing your account — and click “revoke access” button.

Do you know any tips for better privacy ? plzz share with us.

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