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2 Brand new facebook Layout (re-design) of future

By sudharsan

March 29, 2011
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The web is not the same anymore and neither are we, same way facebook has gone through many changes in its design since its launch. Current design is very professional which let users to easily monitor and navigate through the links, comments, apps, likes etc., even Google revamped its profile page with a facebook look.

new facebook logo

But facebook may change this new layout in future according to the user convenience, can you guess how it looks like ? and how it will differ from this current layout ?

Note – These layouts are not officially approved by facebook, its just a thought.

1. Designed by Informationarchitects

— This new 3 column layout looks very similar to #newtwitter design.

facebook re-design of future 1

<click image to enlarge>

via (Informationarchitects)

2. Designed by Jonaska

This design looks like upgraded version of current layout.

facebook new design of future

<click image to enlarge>

via (Jonaska)

Would You Prefer This Facebook Redesign?

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