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Indian Internet History – A Look back 1998-2010 [Infographics]

By sudharsan

February 25, 2011
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India, 2nd most populated country in the world which had only 25k internet users in the year 1998, can u believe it ? But now, theĀ  stats crossed over 100+ million internet users at the end of 2010 ! Increase in internet users is a good sign of our development progress as internet will be the ultimate business tool.

Here is a small infographics about the India internet stats, visualize about how we are in the year 1998 and how we developed step by step over years + some additional information about the popular browser, OS, search engines etc., in India so far.

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indian internet history infographics

<-click the image to enlarge->

via – (Eyedealab)

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