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A Pocket Guide for Google’s new “Social search” features

By sudharsan

February 18, 2011
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Google has launched a major updates to its social search features, now it integrates information from your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr,  Quora, Google reader etc., accounts in its search results. Already social search is LIVE in Google but it is not much effective, but now you can able to get much more relevant results from your social profiles.

google social search beta

A Google spokesperson says,

We’ve written algorithms designed to surface social results when relevant to your search. For certain kinds of searches, say for simple factual information, social results are less likely to be relevant, and so are less likely to appear in your results. We’ve also done extensive user testing and evaluations to ensure the feature only appears when relevant, and is not distracting.

1. Social Search – uses

Think, that you had planned to buy a smartphone and you are in confusion about the best model suites for you ? How cool it will be ? while you search in Google, you can able to see your friends review about smart phones in their social profiles which is blended in SERP.


I made an experiment with this social search and find good, relevant results from social search coloumn, here is the screenshot for the search term “seo service” in social search.

social search results

A review from your friends, close relations or a person who you follow  is far far better than tonz of experts reviews, Am I correct ? This is what the reason behind the launch google social search in SERP. 😀

One doubt – I don’t know why Google doesn’t allow facebook  “like” data like bing to this social search update, this clearly proves that Google and facebook are still in rivals !

2. How Google Finds your Social Profile ?

Simple, Google profiles that you’ve created is the source where google  finds your social profiles. In your google profiles you may added your social accounts like twitter, facebook etc., So Google crawl in those profiles to show more relevant results for you.

Note — You must sing in to Google with your “Google profile” id, otherwise you cant see any results from your social circle.

Matt Cutts: Explaining  Google Social Search.

3. How do I Social search ?

It’s very simple,

1. Create Google profile.

2. Add your social profiles id’s on links column of google profile, now social search is ready. 😀

3. Go to “” and click “social” button on left side.

Social search option

Whenever you need to social search, check that you are sign in to your google account.

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