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5 Best Blogging Platforms to kickstart your Personal Blog

By sudharsan

February 5, 2011
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At first blogging is meant for only sharing personal thoughts & views about individuals but now it has become a million dollar business and a viral marketing tool. For business purpose it is good to buy domain and sign up for a host but for a personal blog, there is not need to go for domains, sub-domains is the best choice for personal blogging.

But which is the best blogging platform which suits for your personal blogging and to connect with your friends ? Check out these 5 mentioned platforms which are good and used by millions of peoples.

personal blogging1. Twitter

It’s rapid growth in recent times had pulled many celebrities, politicians and others to join the club, to say in one word, it has becoming fashion among celebrities to have a twitter account at present. You can share and get information, photos, videos at real time from your friends instantly.

twitter blogging

It’s not a place to share a descriptive post or share you biography, it is the place to share msg like “I’m on restaurant”, “where are you” etc., like what you do in SMS. If you are addicted to SMS, for a change try twitter, you’ll surely love it !

Join Twitter

2. Blogger (Blogspot)

blogger tshirt

One of the best, popular and free blogging platform used by millions of peoples. Its easy to create, update and there is no downtime as it is hosted and maintained by Google. You can able to connect with your friends using Google friend connect, so they can get your updates easily.

If you need a blogging platform which is secure, good up-time, SEO optimized and user friendly, sign up for blogger now.

3. Tumblr

i luv tumblr

Tumblr lets you to share anything easily. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors, to your theme’s HTML. More than 13 crores of people using tumblr to share with their friends, be one among them from here.

Don’t forget to read 30 reason you’ll Tumblr

4. Facebook or Fanpage


Though facebook is a good social networking site you can also use it for blogging purpose, “Fb fanpage” and “note” features allow you to share information, tag pictures with your fans and friends, as it is the best social site, information you are sharing will go virally. In my opinion, facebook is the best place for personal blogging than blogging in any other free platform because you are not writing article for readers to get optimized in search engine and to earn.

You are just sharing your personal experience, phots and music with friends so FB is the best blogging tools to connect with your buddies. Start your facebooking from here !

5. Live Journal

live journal horizontal logo

Don’t thing that it is dedicated for journalist after seeing that name, It’s a online community, a social network, and a place for self-expression to create an environment where you can connect with others, share your thoughts, and be yourself.

Sign up here

Which is the best one in your views ?

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