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7 Dedicated Social Bookmarking Site for Internet Marketers

By sudharsan

January 21, 2011
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You may be advised to submit your article in social bookmarking site to get exposure for you article but not all the social site will gain you the same exposure because they are different than other. Certain kind of post only get good exposure in social sites so we need to digg out which social bookmarking site will be good for our niche blogging. I had already discussed about digg, why it is not suitable for bloggers and webmasters.

Here is the list of social bookmarking site which is dedicated fully for internet or online marketers so if your blog falls in these categories you can submit your blog article and can earn much exposure and engagement with other marketers and bloggers.

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internet marketing1. BlogEngage

blogengage logo

The best social bookmarking and community site for bloggers and webmaster. It covers a wide range m topic such as blogging, SMO/SEO, tech, business, marketing, personal blogging etc., article getting 20-30 votes can be featured on it  homepage. Most notable thing is, you can to make guest blogging in this site to get maximum exposure for your article, helps you in personal branding.


Cool Statistic –

1. Pagerank – 5

2. Traffic stats – 20k+ unique visitors/month

3. Registered members – 500+

4. Front page – 15-20 votes needed.

5. Guest Blogging + Forum discussions.

2. SERPd

serpd logo

A very dedicated social bookmarking site for internet marketers especially SEO expertrs and webmasters. It covers blogging, SEO, wordpress, link building, copy writing, domains, PPC, google, bing and analytic. 10-20 votes is more than enough to get feaured on its homepage. You cannot spam your links here because repeated links from the same domain is not allowed and they are very strict in moderation.


Cool Statistic –

1. Alexa Rank 27,424

2. Front page – 10-20 votes needed.

3. Sphinn

sphinn logo

It is a complete social bookmarking and discussion site for internet marketers, a quality product of, it is a must site that every marketing professional wants to know. Many marketing professional submit their article on sphinn so you can get update news about search industry at one place.


Cool Statistic –

1. Pagerank – 6

2. Alexa traffic rank – 8,252

3. Product of

4. Bizsugar

bizsugar logo

It is a dedicated social bookmarking site of news and tips for small business owners. It covers topic regarding marketing, SEO, finance, management, tech and startups. You just need 20+ votes to get your article featured on its home page.


Cool Statistic –

1. Pagerank – 6

2. Front page – 15-25 votes

3. Bizsugar blog available.

4. 250+ Registered members + 40k uniq visitors/month.

5. Earnersclub

earners club logo

Discover the best resource, tips, ideas on internet marketing and make money online. It need 50+ votes for your article to be featured on its homepage. Which covers a wide range of topics about freelancing, blogging, make money online, online tools and internet marketing. It has adsense revenue sharing program so you can earn money by submitting links. 😀

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Cool Statistic –

1. Pagerank – 3

2. Traffic stats – 50k pageviews/month

3. Adsense Revenue Sharing

6. Gooruze

gooruze logo

Social site powered by online marketers which has about 1000+ registered users and getting 50k pageview per month. You can able to write and post article in this site and engage with other marketers.


7. FaQpal

faqpal logo

One stop resource for tutorial, webmaster, developers, coders and inspiration article. It has about 25000+ registered users and you can also able to create groups or community of your niche and share post to your members instantly and easily.

Cool Statistic –

1. Pagerank – 5

2. Traffic report – 100k pageviews/month.

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