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12 WebSites to Get FREE SEO Report for Competitors keyword

By sudharsan

January 11, 2011
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One thing that all bloggers wants to check is, whether their SEO is correct or it need some changes for better rankings.  There are many tools available for SEO but unfortunately people don’t know how to use it effectively and they move towards paid SEO service which is 80% fake.

Your ranking is based on the keyword that you are targeting, suppose if you want to improve your SERP ranking for the keyword “Social media“, you must know your competitors and how much they are effective on SEO for that particular keyword.

Do Read5 Tools to Check and Analysis Backlinks

free SEO report analysis

So, before starting you must analyze your targeted keyword competitors and know their stats, then it will be easy for you leverage your rankings based on the report. To help you I had given some cool sites which will give 50-60% true report about your blog.

FREE SEO Report Includes….

Google Indexed Pages and Inbound Links

— Yahoo Inbound Links and Indexed Pages

— Bing Indexed Pages and Inbound Links

Alexa rank and inbound links

— DMOZ listing

— SiteAdvisor Rating

— Keywords Report

Social Media Presence.

— Competitor Analysis

— Meta data Quality

— Domain Info

These are the common factor which included in this FREE SEO report, General procedure to get your free report is,

Goto website > Enter your website URL > keyword that you want to analysis for your blog > Your email id > Hit Enter.

1. FreeSEOreport [ Highly recommended ]

2. D.I.Y SEO report card.

3. Esolute

4. W3optimizer

5. Website Grader

6. SEO scores

7. Spydermate [ Signup required ]

8. Metamend SEO test

9. Pear analytics

10. Active web Groups

11. Deanarrow Report

12. First place Listings Report

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