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A Basic Guide to SEO for Bloggers

By Arun

December 20, 2010
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This is a guest post written by Kothapally Arun, who blogs at

Prior to being a Search Engine Optimizer at an iPhone App Development Company I was a blogger with limited knowledge of SEO. As a newbie blogger SEO used to baffle me and I was wondering whether I will need to consume all the big fat SEO books in order to do effective SEO for my blog. Fortunately, I have realized that a blogger need not learn so much of SEO. However knowing the SEO basics and being aware of the latest search industry news is very important.

Following tasks are a good way bloggers can get started with SEO —

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1. Keyword Research

Bloggers should have thorough understanding of keyword research as most of the blogs are content driven. A small keyword research before writing every blog post is essential if one is serious about getting traffic from search engines, you can try these tools to check keyword trends to make your research deeper.

Following are my favorite tools which bloggers can utilize

  1. Google suggest – Google Suggest gives one a good idea on what people are searching for.
  2. Google Related Searches – After you search for a particular keyword Google displays a list of related searches below the search results. Even this can be a good place to get keyword ideas for bloggers.
  3. Google Keyword Tool – Although primarily designed for adwords users, bloggers can use it to get keyword ideas along with rough figure of how many people are searching for a particular keyword.

2. Basic on Page SEO

Once basic keyword research is done it time to write content and make few changes to site with a right balance to satiate both search bots and users.

Do read10 Basic WordPress Settings for Effective SEO of your Blog

Following are few basic on page SEO factors bloggers should keep in mind.

  1. Make sure keywords are present in URL, META tags, META Description, Keywords in the starting few lines of a blog post and keyword rich category names. WordPress users may use All in One SEO pack for this purpose
  2. Smart internal linking – You may use SEO Smart Links plugin for this purpose.
  3. Flat Hierarchy – Place a link to your most popular blog post on the home page. This makes more PageRank flow in your important pages and increase rankings eventually.
  4. Create a XML Sitemap for your blog as this will help the bot crawl deep level pages.

3. Link and Community Building

Bloggers need not launch a traditional link building campaign, instead it is good to build links and community at the same time. Few simple link and community building tips for bloggers are

  1. Blog and Forum commenting.
  2. Guest Posting.
  3. Social Media Syndication.
  4. Building relationships with other bloggers.

4. Important SEO Tools

Following are the basic tools which are must for every blogger.

  1. Google Webmaster Tool – Get insights on your site back links, anchor texts, crawl problems, Geo targeting and more.
  2. Google Analytics – The best free analytics tool to check your site traffic sources and other useful stats.

All the above points can help bloggers get started with SEO. Please share other basic SEO tips which you know in the comments below.

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