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9 Ways To Protect Your Online Reputation

By steven

December 24, 2010
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Reputation is one vital quality that evidently creates and builds reliable relationships despite societal, academic or business differences. We all know how far we can go with the love and trust of our neighbors, family members, business partners, house mates, school mates, and so on. Reputation speaks a language of trust, simplicity and reliability.

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It is a single feature that distinguishes people from a hungry crowd. With the increase in crime and other related vices, the public tend to be attracted to people with verified credibility and reputation. It is evident in every sphere of human endeavor.

online reputation

I don’t know why you are online. But I am sure that you don’t want to waste your time with people that are probably looking for a way to grab the next available dollar in your pocket. No! Instead you go to places you are told the truth, nothing but the truth, even when it results that you won’t make that purchase from them anymore. That is building reputation, a name that will sell the business tomorrow.

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There is a simple saying that ‘a good market sells itself’. You undoubtedly can not survive as an online business owner without reputation. Reputation is a necessity in online business world than in offline business practices. Why? Because me and you tend to exercise more caution during online business deals. Since we are not seeing each other, the only thing that can convince me of your clear intention to help me is your reputation. Something you can not purchase with money!

How Then Do You Build And Protect Your Online Reputation ?

1. Deliver unequal customer services and let quality be the base of your business practices. Prioritize customers in your business and make them understand how you value them with your business practices.

2. If you sell products, sell great and worthwhile products. One crappy product sold may render other 100 products unsold, but a great product sold will sure lead to more sells.

3. Monitor online conversations about you and your business. A good way of doing this is by setting alerts. Alerts are keyword based services and will email you whenever a post is made about a particular keyword. Although you may have to be more specific when setting alerts in order not to be disturbed with emails that have nothing to do with your business.

4. In addition to the alert service, you can also perform more accurate and detailed searches on social media sites, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This will help you capture more posts, conversations and gossips about your online business.

5. Most rating service sites serve as a good place to access true confessions of people’s experiences with businesses and products. Yelp, TripAdvisor, eOpinions and many others offer these services and you should take advantage of them to improve your online presence, reputation and impact.

6. Customers’ feedbacks are very important, request for it. What customers said about your services and products goes a long way in marketing campaigns and plays a major role in your online reputation. They will serve as a live testimony for other potential customers.

Present an online identity that is active and be ready to handle and respond to attentions, comments and other client-initiated news or communication about your business or product, especially negative ones. Hire an online communicator who is an expert in online business communication and reputation building and must have considerable experience working on social media. If you can’t afford this, then do it yourself. Establish an active way to reach and be reached by your customers.

Final Note

One thing you won’t like is to create the opposite effect of reputation for your online business. Now that the web 2.0 and other community sites are taking over advertisements and other personal or business communication means, any good or bad name, on you or your business, can be circulated through Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, etc. This is where the true benefit lies, with online reputation, your customers will spread news about
you and your business like viral, not always with the intention of helping you, but in a kind of testimony for the quality, reliable and reputable service you deliver.

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