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4 Powerfull Tools to Check & Compare Keyword Trends

By sudharsan

December 1, 2010
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Using keyword trend tool users can check what the world is searching for and also it allows to compare the search graph of a different keywords in past years. So you can able to choose right keyword for your business more effectively than google adword tool.

Apart from Google trend there are many tools on internet to compare keyword trends. Here we are going to discuss about 4 highly recommended tool for a good keyword research.

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trend watch tools

1. Google Trend

A widely used powerful tool to check & compare keyword trend on internet. Google dominates 90% of search industry so the information provided by this tool will be more reliable than other tools.

google trend logo

There are many other options like hot trends, compare keywords, visual representation of trend etc., available on google trend which make this tool very unique.  keyword or topic popularity on particular demographic regions and languages are also available.

Try Google trend

2. Yahoo clues

yahoo clues logo

This is another cool product from yahoo, this tool only shows results based on yahoo search engines and not from other search engine results. This tool is very usefull to boost yahoo organic traffic.

Try Yahoo clues

3. Trendpedia

trendpedia blog search logo

A good tool to search and compare different keywords at the same time like google trends. Graphical representation of the results make this tool more reliable and easy to use.

Try  Trendpedia

4. Trendistic

Best and recommended tool to check trends in twitter, about what topic or keyword that tweepils are tweeting about in the past and how it is trending now, with a clean graphical representations. You can also embedded those graph [see below] in your blog using embedded chart option.

Try Trendistic

Embedded chart for “Social Media” –

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