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How to Craft Sexy & Catchy Post Titles – Increase CTR in SERP

By sudharsan

November 11, 2010
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Though content is king, title for that content is an important factor to be optimized to drive more visitors to your blog. It will be helpful to increase you CTR in search engine results. Having a good and killer post title will make user to click and read your article,  so “title” plays an important role in driving traffic and branding factor.

As a blogger you know that first 10 results in google SERP gains 95% of clicks i.e., people get relevant information within first 10 links of their searched query in google. So you must take care of your POST title and make it which will kindle the users to click the link and also it is a reflection of your blog standard.

crafting post title

It’s not easy to create such titles, there are many factors included in crafting a good and lovable title. Here I mentioned some tips to create a good and unique post title to improve your traffic and CTR.

1. Use Numbers like 10+, 50+ etc.,

Having numbers in your post title will show how much information your post has, for example you had compiled a list 20 website to download softwares and you had given title like “list of site to download software“, if any user sees this title he wont be interested in clicking the link to check your article.

Rather if you had given title like “20+ site to download software“, users will surely check your article because you had given a hint to the user about how much information that your article has 😀

Live Examples –

501 Blogging tips from successful PRO-Bloggers

20 Tips to Increase comments of Your Blog

20 Tips to Brand Your Blog for Effective WEB Marketing

2. Try to use Symbols

Using symbols or characters in your post will make it attractive and clean. You can use special characters like , – + | : [] @ # $ & !?  in between your article to make it spicy to click.

Here I had give some examples which clearly show you the importance of using these characters in your upcoming articles.

Example – 1

Ugly title – Increase facebook fans for free and tips to get 100 fans per week.

Best titleIncrease Facebook Fans for FREE: Tips to Get 100 fans/Week

Example – 2

Ugly title – Hashtags and its importance of using it in your upcoming tweets

Best title #Hashtags – Importance of Using it in Your Upcoming Tweets

3. Be Expressive

Try to use words which express our feelings like amazing, funny, hurray, killer etc., in your blog title so that it will push the user to click your link because they love to see these kinds of article

Example – 1

Ugly title – Google banned my adsense accout

How about thisHurray !! My Adsense Account Banned !

Example – 2

Ugly title – I got my Adsense account within 6 months

How about thisCheers !! I’ve got Adsense account within 6 month !!

4. Use CAPS For first Letter of Every Word

I’m seeing in many blogs they use normal paragraph style for the title. Using capital letter for every starting letter of a word will improve visibility of your title in SERP and it gives your title a professional look.

Example  –

Ugly title – infolinks best ad placement for high ctr and to earn 30% more income

Best titleInfolinks Best Ad Placement for High CTR – Earn 30% More Income

5. Provide Some Extra Information

Always try to include some extra information related to the article in your post title, some additional information which may be usefull for the user or what they really need.

Example –

Ugly title – 20 Tips to Increase pageviews

How about this 20 Tips to Increase pageviews – Reduce Bounce rate

Here “reduce bounce rate” is the additional information related to the article so if any use sees this he will like to check your link than other links.

6. Think Creative

If possible try to make title unique and title or try to express in a different way. Rather creating keyword rich title by stuffing keywords within 65 character you can make your title unique.

You can see these kinds of titles in high authority blogs they won’t choose title from keywords rather they will keep the title which stand out from other blogs.


Ugly title – Digg is not suitable for bloggers so dont waste your time

How about thisGoing to Submit Your article on Digg – Read this Article first

7. Personalized Title

Give a personal touch for your post title so that it will create a good authority for you it is a very much essential for personal branding. People love to read other experience so they can easily improvise themselves so having a title which like this will surely attract users to view your article.

Title – 10 tips to earn huge money from Adsense

How about this – How I made 1000$ in a Month from Adsense ?

I like to know your feedbacks ?

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